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Humphries, J. M., F. L. Bookstein, B. Chernoff, G. R. Smith, R. L. Elder, and S. G. Poss (Museum of Zoology, Centerfor Human Growth and Development, Museum of Paleontology, and Division of BiologicalExpand
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Paleoindian Cave Dwellers in the Amazon: The Peopling of the Americas
A Paleoindian campsite has been uncovered in stratified prehistoric deposits in Caverna da Pedra Pintada at Monte Alegre in the Brazilian Amazon. Fifty-six radiocarbon dates on carbonized plantExpand
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Morphometrics in Evolutionary Biology.
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Phylogenetic relationships among atheriniform fishes (Teleostei: Atherinomorpha)
We present evidence from adult and larval morphology for the monophyly and relationships of Atheriniformes, using other atherinomorphs, mugilids and acanthomorph fishes as outgroups. AtheriniformesExpand
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Morphometrics in Evolutionary Biology
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A Miocene Fossil of the Amazonian Fish Arapaima (Teleostei, Arapaimidae) from the Magdalena River Region of Colombia-Biogeographic and Evolutionary Implications'
A fragmentary fossil fish skull from the Miocene La Venta fauna, Villavieja Formation, in the upper Magdalena River Valley of Huila Department, Colombia, is determined to be similar and closelyExpand
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Fish Assemblage Response to a Small Dam Removal in the Eightmile River System, Connecticut, USA
Abstract We examined the effects of the Zemko Dam removal on the Eightmile River system in Salem, Connecticut, USA. The objective of this research was to quantify spatiotemporal variation in fishExpand
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Ensemble forecasting of potential habitat for three invasive fishes
Aquatic invasive species pose major ecological and economic threats to aquatic ecosystems worldwide via displacement, predation, or hybridization with native species and the alteration of aquaticExpand
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