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An overview on fermentation, downstream processing and properties of microbial alkaline proteases
Abstract. Microbial alkaline proteases dominate the worldwide enzyme market, accounting for a two-thirds share of the detergent industry. Although protease production is an inherent property of allExpand
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Preparation and evaluation of glibenclamide-polyglycolized glycerides solid dispersions with silicon dioxide by spray drying technique.
Solid dispersions (SDs) of glibenclamide (GBM); a poorly water-soluble drug and polyglycolized glycerides (Gelucire with the aid of silicon dioxide (Aerosil 200); as an adsorbent, were prepared byExpand
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Cyclodextrins: application in different routes of drug administration.
The objective of this review article is to explain the use of cyclodextrin in the different routes of drug administration. The article gives the chemistry of cyclodextrins and addresses the issue ofExpand
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Preparation and evaluation of diltiazem hydrochloride-gelucire 43/01 floating granules prepared by melt granulation
The basic objective of this study was to explore the application of Gelucire 43/01 for the design of multi-unit floating systems of a highly water-soluble drug diltiazem HCl. Diltiazem HCl-GelucireExpand
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Preparation and characterization of etoricoxib solid dispersions using lipid carriers by spray drying technique
The basic objectives of this study were to prepare and characterize solid dispersions of poorly water-soluble drug etoricoxib using lipid carriers by spray drying technique. The properties of solidExpand
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Effect of potassium chloride and cationic drug on swelling, erosion and release from κ-carrageenan matrices
The basic objective of this work was to study the effect of model cationic drug metformin HCl on swelling and erosion and, in turn, the release of KCl and drug itself, from the κ-carrageenanExpand
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Preparation and evaluation of ibuprofen beads by melt solidification technique.
A novel single step melt solidification technique was developed for ibuprofen. DSC studies designed to elucidate the effect of isothermal holding time showed that the extent of crystallizationExpand
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Preparation and characterization of flurbiprofen beads by melt solidification technique
Amelt solidification technique has been developed to obtain sustained-release waxy beads of flurbiprofen. Low glass transition temperature (tg) and shear-induced crystallization of flurbiprofen madeExpand
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Stabilization and Improved in Vivo Performance of Amorphous Etoricoxib using Gelucire 50/13
PurposeAmorphous drugs have gained importance because of their advantageous biopharmaceutical properties; however, their stabilization remains a challenge. The purpose of this work was to stabilizeExpand
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Preparation and characterization of ibuprofen-cetyl alcohol beads by melt solidification technique: effect of variables.
Ibuprofen (IBU) exhibits short half-life, poor compressibility, flowability and caking tendency. IBU melt has sufficiently low viscosity and exhibits interfacial tension sufficient to form dropletExpand
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