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Changes in Inorganic and Organic Soil Phosphorus Fractions Induced by Cultivation Practices and by Laboratory Incubations1
Changes in inorganic and organic phosphorus (P) fractions resulting from 65 years of cropping in a wheat-wheat-fallow rotation were studied using a sequential extraction technique. Total P content ofExpand
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Productivity and sustainability of the rice-wheat cropping system in the indo-gangetic plains of the Indian subcontinent: Problems, opportunities, and strategies
Abstract Rice and wheat are the staple foods for almost the entire Asian population and therefore they occupy a premium position among all food commodities. The era of the Green Revolution startedExpand
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Ecology and management of weeds under conservation agriculture: A review
Tillage has been known to cause soil erosion and cost time and resources and this affects productivity and inflates the cost of production. Therefore, over the past few years in many countries, thereExpand
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Factors affecting seed germination of annual sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus) in southern Australia
Abstract Annual sowthistle has become more abundant under no-till systems in southern Australia. Increased knowledge of germination biology of annual sowthistle would facilitate development ofExpand
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Weed Ecology and Weed Management Strategies for Dry-Seeded Rice in Asia
Abstract Rice is a principal source of food for more than half of the world population, and more than 90% of rice worldwide is grown and consumed in Asia. A change in establishment method from manualExpand
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Weed Management in Aerobic Rice in Northwestern Indo-Gangetic Plains
Aerobic rice systems, wherein the crop is established via direct seeding in non-puddled, non-flooded fields, are among the most promising approaches for saving water and labor. However, aerobicExpand
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African mustard (Brassica tournefortii ) germination in southern Australia
Abstract Germination of African mustard seeds collected from southern Australia was not influenced by light conditions at the optimum temperature of 20/12 C. However, seed germination was inhibitedExpand
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Tillage system effects on weed ecology, herbicide activity and persistence: a review
In the past few years, there has been a growing trend towards reducing tillage in cropping systems to allow stubble retention, earlier planting and improved soil structure. However, the adoption ofExpand
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Crop performance and water- and nitrogen-use efficiencies in dry-seeded rice in response to irrigation and fertilizer amounts in northwest India
Because of increasing constraints of labor and water availability, dry-seeded rice (DSR) is now considered to be a new and emerging rice production system in the northwest Indo-Gangetic Plains ofExpand
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Seedling recruitment pattern and depth of recruitment of 10 weed species in minimum tillage and no-till seeding systems
Abstract Differences in periodicity and depth of weed seedling recruitment due to agronomic management practices, such as reduced tillage, have implications for weed competitive ability andExpand
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