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Kelvin–Helmholtz stability with mass and heat transfer
The Kelvin–Helmholtz stability of the cylindrical interface between the vapor and liquid phases of a fluid is studied when the vapor is hotter than the liquid and the two phases are enclosed betweenExpand
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The mathematical problem of reflection solved by an extension of the WKB method
Starting with two first order linear differential equations having slowly varying coefficients and mutually connected by the dependent variables, the reflection problem is solved approximately as inExpand
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Hydromagnetic Rayleigh–Taylor instability of a rotating stratified fluid
The Raleigh–Taylor instability of an infinitely conducting, rotating, stratified fluid in the presence of a horizontal magnetic field is studied. The fluid density and the magnetic field strength areExpand
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Axial magnetic field generation by ponderomotive force in a laser‐produced plasma
Axial magnetic field generation in a plasma due to ponderomotive action of an obliquely incident spatially inhomogeneous laser beam is discussed. The theoretical analysis shows that the field can beExpand
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Some aspects of transformation of the nonlinear plasma equations to the space-independent frame
Abstract Nonlinear field equations for a cold plasma are transformed from the laboratory frame to the space-independent frame for a transverse wave using a special Lorentz transformation. With theExpand
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Induced magnetization of Alfven waves
Abstract The induced magnetization of propagating and standing Alfven waves (IMPAW and IMSAW, respectively) in plasmas, due to the inverse Faraday effect, is investigated here. This effect followsExpand
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Lateral and axial magnetisation in the inverse Faraday effect for the interaction of waves in plasma
We evaluate the static lateral magnetisation from the inverse Faraday effect, due to a circularly polarised electromagnetic wave and either a high frequency longitudinal dispersive plasma wave (caseExpand
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Motion of an expanding, spherical gas bubble in a viscous liquid under gravity
An expanding spherical gas bubble moves in an incompressible, viscous fluid under gravity. The nonlinear equations of motion are solved numerically. The growth of the radius of the bubble, theExpand
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Nonlinear effects on the propagation of waves in a magnetized rotating plasma
The nonlinear dispersion relation for an electromagnetic wave propagating through a cold, homogeneous magnetized rotating plasma is derived to investigate certain nonlinear effect for the case whereExpand
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Nonlinear shifts of refractive indices from obliquely propagating waves in a magnetised plasma in the presence of Coriolis rotation
This paper provides an expression for the nonlinear shifts of refractive indices from obliquely propagating waves in a cold, homogeneous, magnetised rotating plasma in the presence of a CoriolisExpand
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