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Mott Transition in VO2 Revealed by Infrared Spectroscopy and Nano-Imaging
The electronic properties of a prototypical correlated insulator vanadium dioxide in which the metallic state can be induced by increasing temperature is reported, setting the stage for investigations of charge dynamics on the nanoscale in other inhomogeneous correlated electron systems.
Mechanism and observation of Mott transition in VO2-based two- and three-terminal devices
When holes of about 0.018% are induced into a conduction band (breakdown of critical on-site Coulomb energy), an abrupt first-order Mott metal–insulator transition (MIT) rather than a continuous
Phase-transition driven memristive system
Memristors are passive circuit elements which behave as resistors with memory. The recent experimental realization of a memristor has triggered interest in this concept and its possible applications.
Monoclinic and correlated metal phase in VO(2) as evidence of the Mott transition: coherent phonon analysis.
In femtosecond pump-probe measurements, the appearance of coherent phonon oscillations at 4.5 and 6.0 THz indicating the rutile metal phase of VO2 does not occur simultaneously with the first-order
Memory Metamaterials
This work demonstrates a form of memory capacitance that interfaces metamaterials with a class of devices known collectively as memory devices, which may lead to a flexible method for achieving metamMaterials operating over a wide bandwidth and to novel switching applications.
Electrodynamics of the vanadium oxides VO2 and V2O3
The optical and infrared properties of films of vanadium dioxide $(\mathrm{V}{\mathrm{O}}_{2})$ and vanadium sesquioxide $({\mathrm{V}}_{2}{\mathrm{O}}_{3})$ have been investigated via ellipsometry
Stored Light in an Optical Fiber via Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
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Dynamic tuning of an infrared hybrid-metamaterial resonance using vanadium dioxide
We demonstrate a metamaterial device whose far-infrared resonance frequency can be dynamically tuned. Dynamic tuning should alleviate many bandwidth-related roadblocks to metamaterial application by
Raman study of electric-field-induced first-order metal-insulator transition in VO2-based devices
An abrupt first-order metal-insulator transition (MIT) as a current jump has been observed by applying a dc electric field to Mott insulator VO2-based two-terminal devices. The size of the jumps was