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Implementation of a real-time human movement classifier using a triaxial accelerometer for ambulatory monitoring
This paper presents the implementation of a real-time classification system for the types of human movement associated with the data acquired from a single, waist-mounted triaxial accelerometer. Expand
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Accelerometry: providing an integrated, practical method for long-term, ambulatory monitoring of human movement.
Accelerometry offers a practical and low cost method of objectively monitoring human movements, and has particular applicability to the monitoring of free-living subjects. Accelerometers have beenExpand
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Classification of basic daily movements using a triaxial accelerometer
A generic framework for the automated classification of human movements using an accelerometry monitoring system is introduced. The framework was structured around a binary decision tree in whichExpand
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Classification of a known sequence of motions and postures from accelerometry data using adapted Gaussian mixture models.
Accelerometry shows promise in providing an inexpensive but effective means of long-term ambulatory monitoring of elderly patients. The accurate classification of everyday movements should allow suchExpand
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Nonlinear Modeling and Control of Human Heart Rate Response During Exercise With Various Work Load Intensities
The first objective of this paper is to introduce a nonlinear system to model the heart rate (HR) response during and after treadmill walking exercise. Expand
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Patients' perceptions of a home telecare system
We use Focus Group Interviews to identify any major factors that could affect patients' perceptions of a Home Telecare Management System (HTMS) and use the findings to contribute to development of a theoretical framework for patient acceptance of HTMS. Expand
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Detection of daily physical activities using a triaxial accelerometer
Triaxial accelerometers have been employed to monitor human movements in a variety of circumstances. The study considered the use of data from a single waist-mounted triaxial accelerometer toExpand
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A pilot study of long-term monitoring of human movements in the home using accelerometry
We assessed the feasibility of using a waist-mounted, wireless triaxial accelerometer (TA) to monitor human movements in an unsupervised home setting to detect changes in functional status. A pilotExpand
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Remote monitoring of health status of the elderly at home. A multidisciplinary project on aging at the University of New South Wales.
This paper discusses the design and implementation of a multidisciplinary research project and associated field trials to test the hypothesis that functional health status amongst the elderly can beExpand
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Ion currents underlying sinoatrial node pacemaker activity: a new single cell mathematical model.
The ionic currents underlying autorhythmicity of the mammalian sinoatrial node and their wider contribution to each phase of the action potential have been investigated in this study using a newExpand
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