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Compositional and nutritional attributes of seeds from the multiple purpose tree Moringa oleifera Lamarck
The results indicated that consumption of M oleifera raw mature seeds should be viewed with some caution until suitable processing methods are developed to abolish the yet unknown adverse factors.
Larvicidal activity of lectins from Myracrodruon urundeuva on Aedes aegypti.
This is the first report of larvicidal activity of lectins against A. aegypti isolated from Myracrodruon urundeuva bark and heartwood.
Production and characterization of the cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) peduncle bagasse ashes
Abstract A novel method for using residues from the cashew culture is presented. This work aimed to produce and characterize the incineration ashes of the primary residue derived from the cashew’s
The complete genome sequence of Chromobacterium violaceum reveals remarkable and exploitable bacterial adaptability
The complete genome sequence reveals extensive alternative pathways for energy generation, complex and extensive systems for stress adaptation and motility, and widespread utilization of quorum sensing for control of inducible systems, all of which underpin the versatility and adaptability of the organism.
Biological effects of a sulfated-polysaccharide isolated from the marine red algae Champia feldmannii.
Sulfated-polysaccharide isolated from the red-marine-algae Champia feldmannii was purified by ion exchange chromatography and tested in experimental protocols of coagulation, inflammation and nociception, suggesting that this molecule may be an important immunostimulant.
The amino acid sequence of the agglutinin isolated from the red marine alga Bryothamnion triquetrum defines a novel lectin structure
The primary structure of the B. triquetrum lectin does not show amino acid sequence similarity with known plant and animal lectin structures, and this protein may be the paradigm of a novel lectin family.
HCA and HML isolated from the red marine algae Hypnea cervicornis and Hypnea musciformis define a novel lectin family
The amino acid sequences of HCA and HML display 55% sequence identity (80% similarity) between themselves, but do not show discernible sequence and cysteine spacing pattern similarities with any other known protein structure, indicating that HCAand HML belong to a novel lectin family.
Purification and biological effects of Araucaria angustifolia (Araucariaceae) seed lectin.
AaL, intravenously injected into rats, showed anti-inflammatory effect, via carbohydrate site interaction, in the models of paw edema and peritonitis and can be used as a tool for studying bacterial infections and inflammatory processes.
Binding Studies of α-GalNAc-specific Lectins to the α-GalNAc (Tn-antigen) Form of Porcine Submaxillary Mucin and Its Smaller Fragments*
Isothermal titration microcalorimetry (ITC) and hemagglutination inhibition measurements demonstrate that a chemically and enzymatically prepared form of porcine submaxillary mucin that possesses a
Antimicrobial peptide control of pathogenic microorganisms of the oral cavity: A review of the literature
It was concluded that the use of antimicrobial peptides as a tool for microbial control is of increasing importance, likely due to its widespread use, mechanism of action, and low rates of bacterial resistance.