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The four laws of black hole mechanics
Expressions are derived for the mass of a stationary axisymmetric solution of the Einstein equations containing a black hole surrounded by matter and for the difference in mass between two
Global structure of the Kerr family of gravitational fields
The Kerr family of solutions of the Einstein and Einstein-Maxwell equations is the most general class of solutions known at present which could represent the field of a rotating neutral or
Hamilton-Jacobi and Schrodinger Separable Solutions of Einstein’s Equations
This paper contains an investigation of spaces with a two parameter Abelian isometry group in which the Hamilton-Jacobi equation for the geodesies is soluble by separation of variables in such a way
The anthropic principle and its implications for biological evolution
  • B. Carter
  • Biology, Mathematics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 20 December 1983
It is shown that the evidence suggests that the evolutionary chain included at least one but probably not more than two links that were highly improbable (a priori) in the available time interval.
Axisymmetric Black Hole Has Only Two Degrees of Freedom
A theorem is described which establishes the claim that in a certain canonical sense the Kerr metrics represent "the" (rather than merely "some possible") exterior fields of black holes with the
Large Number Coincidences and the Anthropic Principle in Cosmology
Prof. Wheeler has asked me to say something for the record about some ideas that I once suggested (at the Clifford Memorial meeting in Princeton in 1970) and to which Hawking and Collins have
Killing Tensor Quantum Numbers and Conserved Currents in Curved Space
The relationship between relativistic quantum current conservation laws in a curved-space background and the corresponding "good quantum numbers," i.e., operators that commute with the fundamental
Covariant theory of conductivity in ideal fluid or solid media
After a preparatory account of the established theory of non-conducting perfect fluid media, with emphasis on the important but traditionally neglected concept of the 4-momentum 1-form associated
Foundations of general relativistic high-pressure elasticity theory
A fully relativistic formulation of the concept of a perfectly elastic solid is developed with a view to application to such problems as (a) the interaction of gravitational radiation with planetary