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Women, Trauma, Criminalisation and Imprisonment…
Abstract This paper provides an exploratory analysis of the relationship between trauma, women's criminalisation and imprisonment. Research in this area predominantly focuses on women's pathways toExpand
Women's survival post-imprisonment: Connecting imprisonment with pains past and present
Examining the issue of women's unnatural post-prison deaths in Victoria, Australia, through the lens of Women's accounts of survival and near-death after exit from prison, offers a contribution towards revising possible future directions for critical feminist and prison scholars. Expand
Pathways, race and gender responsive reform: Through an abolitionist lens
In this article we take stock of a recent moment in penal history in Victoria, Australia, where agencies have implemented gender responsive policies to address the disproportionate growth in women’sExpand
Abolitionism and the Paradox of Penal Reform in Australia: Indigenous Women, Colonial Patriarchy and Co-Option
This paper provides an exploration of abolitionism in the context of the Australian colonial project. The primary purpose in so doing is to advance critical understandings of the paradoxes andExpand
R v Benbrika and ors (Ruling No 20): The ‘War on Terror’, Human Rights and the Pre-emptive Punishment of Terror Suspects in High-Security
Abstract This comment focuses on the treatment and conditions experienced by unconvicted terror suspects in Australian prisons paying particular attention to the case of the Pendennis defendants inExpand
Responses of state hospital patients to Hurricane Iniki.
The effects of Hurricane Iniki on inpatients at Hawaii State Hospital is examined, focusing on a vulnerable island population with previous hurricane experience and distinct cultural attitudes toward nature. Expand
Penal reform, anti-carceral feminist campaigns and the politics of change in women’s prisons, Victoria, Australia
This paper emphasises the importance of locating contemporary abolitionist social movements within a continuum of broader struggles against structural injustice. Previous decades have seen theExpand