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Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2010): rapid decay of El Niño, wetter than average in central, northern and eastern Australia and warmer than usual in the west and south
Southern hemisphere circulation patterns and associated anomalies for the austral autumn 2010 are reviewed, with emphasis given to the Pacific Basin climate indicators together with the AustralianExpand
Population Trends of Shorebirds in Southern Ontario, 1974–2009
Abstract. Shorebirds are thought to be declining across North America but trend analyses for migrant shorebirds at interior sites in eastern North America have not been updated since the lateExpand
Helminth parasites of the American avocet Recurvirostra americana (Aves), from the Salt Lake basin, Utah.
Five species of cestodes and 1 species of trematode, for a total of 4,770 (chi- =79.5) helminths, were obtained from 60 American avocets, Recurvirostra americana, collected from July to SeptemberExpand
Insect herbivory on an inland brackish wetland
Standing crop measurements were made in emergent wetland vegetation following acute herbivory by 2 species of leaf-chewing caterpillars,Cisseps fulvicula (Ctenucidae) andAcronicta leporinaExpand