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Forces and Strategies in Evolution. (Book Reviews: Sexual Selection and the Descent of Man, 1871-1971)
Just over one hundred and thirty years ago Charles Darwin, in The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871), developed remarkably accurate conclusions about man's ancestry, based on aExpand
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The Ohganization of the Cerebral Cortex: I. Introduction and Methodology
  • B. Campbell
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of neuropathology and experimental…
  • 1 July 1954
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Inferring Man's Prehistory. (Book Reviews: Human Evolution. An Introduction to Man's Adaptations)
Evolution and environment mammals - progress in homeostasis the primate radiation the fossil evidence - the hominidae body structure and posture locomotion and the hindlimb manipulation and theExpand
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  • B. Campbell
  • Medicine
  • Journal of neuropathology and experimental…
  • 1 July 1949
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A new Huffmanela species, H. schouteni sp. n. (Nematoda: Trichosomoididae) from flying fishes in Curaçao.
A new nematode species, Huffmanela schouteni sp. n., has been established on the basis of its egg morphology and biological characters (adult nematodes are unknown). The dark-shelled eggs of thisExpand
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The origin of the Hominidae: Africa or Asia?
Abstract The authors review the evidence for the evolution of the apes and their geographical expansion out of Africa during the Miocene. The ecological background is discussed at each period. FromExpand
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