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Reading Latina/o images: interrogating Americanos
This essay explores the visual and discursive elements of Americanos, a published collection of photographic images of Latina/o life in the United States. While clearly a mass‐market text intendedExpand
Monstrous Femininity
This article centers the experiences of women of color in academia by placing my narrative alongside literature about shapeshifters/werewolves and racism and sexism in the academy. I use myExpand
Mentoring and Love: An Open Letter
This essay blends autobiographical performance, performative writing (Pollock, 1998), and theory, in letter form following in the tradition of Madison (1999) and Ono (1997), to argue for theExpand
Darth Vader Made Me Do It! Anakin Skywalker’s Avoidance of Responsibility and the Gray Areas of Hegemonic Masculinity in the Star Wars Universe
In this essay, we examined the interactions of Anakin Skywalker during moral dilemmas in the Star Wars narrative in order to demonstrate the avoidance of responsibility as a characteristic ofExpand
Contesting Neoliberalism Through Critical Pedagogy, Intersectional Reflexivity, and Personal Narrative: Queer Tales of Academia
In this article, we use personal narrative to explore allies and alliance building between marginalized people working in and through higher education, with an eye toward interrogating the ways inExpand
Control, Discipline, and Punish
Pro(re-)claiming Loss: A Performance Pilgrimage in Search of Malintzin Tenépal
This performance ethnography examines the author's pilgrimage to Mexico City in search of Malintzin Tenépal. The essay seeks to contribute to the Chicana feminist project of reclaiming the narrativeExpand
Border Rhetorics: Citizenship and Identity on the US-Mexico Frontier
"Border Rhetorics "is a collection of essays that undertakes a wide-ranging examination of the US-Mexico border as it functions in the rhetorical production of civic unity in the United States.AExpand