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The biology of chromatin remodeling complexes.
The packaging of chromosomal DNA by nucleosomes condenses and organizes the genome, but occludes many regulatory DNA elements. However, this constraint also allows nucleosomes and other chromatinExpand
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DNA Demethylation in Zebrafish Involves the Coupling of a Deaminase, a Glycosylase, and Gadd45
Evidence for active DNA demethylation in vertebrates is accumulating, but the mechanisms and enzymes remain unclear. Using zebrafish embryos we provide evidence for 5-methylcytosine (5-meC) removalExpand
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Genome-Wide Dynamics of Htz1, a Histone H2A Variant that Poises Repressed/Basal Promoters for Activation through Histone Loss
Histone variants help specialize chromatin regions; however, their impact on transcriptional regulation is largely unknown. Here, we determined the genome-wide localization and dynamics of Htz1, theExpand
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RSC, an Essential, Abundant Chromatin-Remodeling Complex
A novel 15-subunit complex with the capacity to remodel the structure of chromatin, termed RSC, has been isolated from S. cerevisiae on the basis of homology to the SWI/SNF complex. At least threeExpand
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Distinctive Chromatin in Human Sperm Packages Genes for Embryo Development
Because nucleosomes are widely replaced by protamine in mature human sperm, the epigenetic contributions of sperm chromatin to embryo development have been considered highly limited. Here we showExpand
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Diversity and specialization of mammalian SWI/SNF complexes.
The SWI/SNF complex in yeast facilitates the function of transcriptional activators by opposing chromatin-dependent repression of transcription. We demonstrate that in mammals SWI/SNF complexes areExpand
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The logic of chromatin architecture and remodelling at promoters
  • B. Cairns
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  • Nature
  • 9 September 2009
The regulation of gene transcription involves a dynamic balance between packaging regulatory sequences into chromatin and allowing transcriptional regulators access to these sequences. Access isExpand
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Chromatin remodelling: the industrial revolution of DNA around histones
Chromatin remodellers are specialized multi-protein machines that enable access to nucleosomal DNA by altering the structure, composition and positioning of nucleosomes. All remodellers have aExpand
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Distinct roles for the RSC and Swi/Snf ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers in DNA double-strand break repair.
The failure of cells to repair damaged DNA can result in genomic instability and cancer. To efficiently repair chromosomal DNA lesions, the repair machinery must gain access to the damaged DNA in theExpand
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The HSA domain binds nuclear actin-related proteins to regulate chromatin-remodeling ATPases
We identify the helicase-SANT–associated (HSA) domain as the primary binding platform for nuclear actin-related proteins (ARPs) and actin. Individual HSA domains from chromatin remodelers (RSC, yeastExpand
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