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Frequency-Controls of Electromagnetic Multi-Beam Scanning by Metasurfaces
This is the first time to realize 2D scans of antennas by changing the frequency, and a combined theory of holography and leaky wave is presented to realize the multi-beam radiations by exciting the surface interference patterns, which are generated by interference between the excitation source and required radiation waves. Expand
Flat metasurfaces to focus electromagnetic waves in reflection geometry.
A flat metasurface with a parabolic reflection-phase distribution can focus an impinging plane wave to a point image in reflection geometry and is in good agreement with full wave simulations, model calculations, and theoretical analyses. Expand
Continuous leaky-wave scanning using periodically modulated spoof plasmonic waveguide
The plasmonic waveguide made of uniform corrugated metallic strip can support and guide spoof surface plasmon polaritons (SSPPs) with high confinements. Here, we propose periodically-modulatedExpand
An omnidirectional electromagnetic absorber made of metamaterials
In a recent theoretical work by Narimanov and Kildishev (2009 Appl. Phys. Lett. 95 041106) an optical omnidirectional light absorber based on metamaterials was proposed, in which theoretical analysisExpand
Isotropic Holographic Metasurfaces for Dual‐Functional Radiations without Mutual Interferences
The dual-functional and/or multifunctional devices have huge fascinations and prospects to conveniently integrate complex systems with low costs. However, most of such devices are based onExpand
Holographic leaky-wave metasurfaces for dual-sensor imaging
A new method for dual-sensor imaging based on cross-like holographic leaky-wave metasurfaces which are composed of hybrid isotropic and anisotropic surface impedance textures is proposed, and good reconstruction results are given to validate the proposed imaging method. Expand
Generation of spatial Bessel beams using holographic metasurface.
Backward radiations of leaky waves supported by a holographic metasurface are used to produce spatial Bessel beams in the microwave frequency regime, which may be useful in imaging applications or wireless power transmissions with the dynamic focal-depth controls. Expand
Simultaneous controls of surface waves and propagating waves by metasurfaces
We propose a hybrid metasurface to control surface and propagating waves simultaneously. The hybrid metasurface is composed of planar metamaterial to interact with surface waves and holographicExpand
An electromagnetic black hole made of metamaterials
Traditionally, a black hole is a region of space with huge gravitational field, which absorbs everything hitting it. In history, the black hole was first discussed by Laplace under the NewtonExpand
Leaky-Wave Radiations by Modulating Surface Impedance on Subwavelength Corrugated Metal Structures
It is demonstrated that a periodically modulated 1D subwavelength corrugated metal structure can convert spoof SPPs to propagating waves. Expand