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Synthesis of Brazilian Collembola: an update to the species list
The current total number of species found in Brazil is 270, distributed in 19 families and 92 genera, an increase of 71 species and 12 genera in the last 6 years. The greatest known diversity is
The Heteromurini Absolon & Ksenemann (Collembola, Entomobryidae): a review of the genera status and diagnoses, keys for species of Alloscopus Börner and Heteromurtrella Mari Mutt and description of a
The status of Heteromurini Absolon & Ksenemann is analyzed and a new diagnosis is proposed to the tribe. New chaetotaxic characteres were added to distinguish Dicranocentrus Schött and
The survey of Seira Lubbock, 1870 (Collembola, Entomobryidae, Seirinae) from Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands, including three new species.
A survey of Seira fauna from Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands is presented, including the description of three new species from Spain, and an identification key to 31 species with known dorsal chaetotaxy from Western Palearctic region is provided.
Phylogeny of Neotropical Seirinae (Collembola, Entomobryidae) based on mitochondrial genomes
This study generates and analyzes the mitochondrial genomes of 26 terminal taxa of Entomobryidae, and one species of Paronellidae to clarify the phylogenetic relationships within the Neotropical Seirinae, and validated that Tyrannoseira is a distinct lineage and proposes the elevation of Lepidocyrtinus to genus.
Three new species of Entomobryoidea (Collembola: Entomobryomorpha) from Brazilian Caatinga-Cerrado transition, with identification keys to Brazilian Cyphoderus, Pseudosinella and Trogolaphysa species.
Three new species of Entomobryoidea from Brazilian Caatinga-Cerrado transitional zone are described and illustrated and Identification keys for Brazilian species of Cyphoderus, Pseudosinella and Trogolaphysa are provided.
Dorsal Chaetotaxy of Neotropical Species Supports a Basal Position for the Genus Lepidonella Among Scaled Paronellidae (Collembola, Entomobryoidea)
It is concluded that most similarities in chaetotaxy between New World Lepidonella and Lepidocyrtus represent symplesiomorphies, and that Paronellidae s.
A new genus of Entomobryinae (Collembola, Entomobryidae) from Brazilian Amazon with body scales and dental spines.
A new monotypic genus of Entomobryinae from Brazilian Amazon, Amazhomidia gen. nov. is similar to other genera of the subfamily, especially to Sinhomidia Zhang, in presence of apically pointed scales on body dorsally and spines on dens.
The Neotropical genera of Paronellinae (Collembola, Entomobryoidea, Paronellidae) with description of two new species and redescription of Campylothorax mitrai
An identification key and diagnoses to six valid genera are presented, two new species are described, and redescribe Campylothorax mitrai Bellini & Meneses and present notes on Brazilian fauna of Paronellinae.
A new cave species of Coecobrya Yosii (Collembola, Entomobryidae, Entomobryinae) from South Africa, with an identification key to the genus.
In this study, a new species of springtail from Cango Caves, South Africa is described and illustrated, and an updated key to the species of the genus Coecobrya is provided, adding 14 species to the most recently published identification key.