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Potassium fertilization of hemp (Cannabis sativa)
Abstract Potassium response trials were conducted on hemp on four sites with different levels of soil potassium in 2011 in which the main factor was variety and the second factor was potassium rate.Expand
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Managing steam and concentration disturbances in multi-effect evaporators via nonlinear modelling and control
Abstract Evaporators are core units in many industrial processes including sugar mills. The dynamics of these systems are complex and hence the systems have been frequently used to demonstrateExpand
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Nitrogen fertilization to optimize the greenhouse gas balance of hemp crops grown for biomass
Nitrogen trials were carried out on hemp crops grown in Ireland over a 3 year period to identify nitrogen fertilization strategies which optimize the greenhouse gas (GHG) and energy balances of hempExpand
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Nitrogen dynamics in a mature Miscanthus x giganteus crop fertilized with nitrogen over a five year period
The objective of this study was to investigate N dynamics and response to N fertilization in a mature crop of Miscanthus x giganteus. A crop of Miscanthus x giganteus sown in 1994 was fertilized withExpand
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The effect of nitrogen timing and rate on radiation interception, grain yield and grain quality in autumn sown oats
Abstract There is a growing appreciation of the nutritional and health benefits of oats but little recent research has been conducted on the agronomy of oats. Experiments were conducted in IrelandExpand
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Exploring the potential of grass feedstock from marginal land in Ireland: Does marginal mean lower yield?
Abstract The production of biomass feedstock from marginal land has attracted much attention as a means of avoiding conflict between the production of food and fuel. Yield potentials from marginalExpand
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Nitrogen fertilization of Miscanthus x giganteus: effects on nitrogen uptake, growth, yield and emissions from biomass combustion
A field experiment was carried out to study the effect of N fertilization on a recently established crop of Miscanthus x giganteus. Five N rates (0, 40, 80, 120 and 160 kg/ha/year) were appliedExpand
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The effect of seeding rate on radiation interception, grain yield and grain quality of autumn sown oats
Abstract Oats are attracting increasing interest as a result of their nutritional and health benefits but increasing financial pressures are forcing growers to review all inputs including seed costs.Expand
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The plasticity of the oat panicle and associated changes in leaf area and grain weight
Abstract The objective of the current investigation was to study the plasticity of the oat panicle together with associated changes in leaf area and grain weight as affected by seed rate and tillerExpand