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The Paradox of Well-being: Do Unfavorable Socioeconomic and Sociocultural Contexts Deepen or Dampen Radical Left and Right Voting Among the Less Well-Off?
Radical left and right parties are increasingly successful—particularly among the less well-off. We assess the extent to which this negative effect of well-being on radical voting is moderated byExpand
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Radical Right Populism and the Role of Positional Deprivation and Inequality
This paper explores how support for radical right populist parties may be shaped by new measures of deprivation and inequality based on growth-incidence-curves, gauging growth in real householdExpand
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Privatizing or Socializing Corporate Responsibility
This article explores why companies choose some Corporate Responsibility initiatives over others. The focus is on competing voluntary programs to oversee and protect labor standards. These programsExpand
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Chinese investment and European labor: should and do workers fear Chinese FDI?
The rapid increase in Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) into Europe raises important questions about the implications of such for workers and organized labor in Europe: (1) does Chinese FDIExpand
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Positional deprivation and support for radical right and radical left parties
We explore how support for radical parties of both the left and right may be shaped by what we call “positional deprivation,” where growth in income of individuals at a given point in the incomeExpand
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Financial Liberalisation and Political Variables: a response to Abiad and Mody
We challenge recent findings by Abiad and Mody (2005) which suggest that financial liberalization has little to do with political variables. This analysis is at odds with some of the establishedExpand
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Practical Pluralism in the Empirical Study of Social Investment : Examples from Active Labour-Market Policy
This chapter explores the empirical challenges of understanding the socioeconomic implications of social investment welfare reform. Such understanding is crucial to gauging the pay-offs and pitfallsExpand
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Political and Cultural Impacts of Inequality
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Inequality, legitimacy and the political system
This chapter studies the complex relationship between income inequality and the legitimacy of politics. By focusing on outcomes concerning national and supranational politics, the chapter argues thatExpand
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Discovering Cooperation: A Contractual Approach to Institutional Change in Regional International Organizations
This paper offers a fresh perspective on institutional change drawing on recent advances in the economic theory of contracting. Contractual incompleteness enhances organizational flexibility, butExpand
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