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Globalization and Welfare Compensation: Disentangling the Ties that Bind
Three perspectives dominate debate over the relationship between globalization and the welfare state in industrialized countries: that globalization constrains the welfare that hitherto legitimatedExpand
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Support for redistribution and the paradox of immigration
This paper argues that immigration has varying implications for attitudes about government redistribution depending on the level at which immigration is experienced. Working in occupations withExpand
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Comparing Immigration Policies: An Overview from the IMPALA Database 1
This paper introduces a method and preliminary findings from a database that systematically measures the character and stringency of immigration policies. Based on the selection of that data for nineExpand
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Immigration, Integration, and Support for Redistribution in Europe
Immigration poses individual or collective economic risks that might increase citizen support for government redistribution, but it can also generate fiscal pressure or undermine social solidarity toExpand
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Flexible employment, economic insecurity and social policy preferences in Europe
This paper examines how flexible employment, particularly temporary and part-time employment, affect political support for social policy protection. Although their implications are a prioriExpand
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Partisan Embedding of Liberalism
Political scientists have long debated how economic globalization influences national social policies, but they have so far not explored the political demands of political parties implicitlyExpand
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Inequality and anti-globalization backlash by political parties
Does income inequality increase political backlash against European and global integration? This paper reports research suggesting that it can. The article analyses party opposition to and supportExpand
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Measuring and Comparing Immigration, Asylum and Naturalization Policies Across Countries: Challenges and Solutions
Academics and policy makers require a better understanding of the variation of policies that regulate global migration, asylum and immigrant naturalization. At present, however, there is noExpand
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Social Nation and Social Europe
This article investigates citizen support for welfare provisions, where these can be provided at both the national and the EU level. The guiding question is whether welfare provisions at one levelExpand
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