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Perception and reason
  • B. Brewer
  • Philosophy, Sociology
  • 1 September 2001
This volume presents an original view of the role of conscious experience in the acquisition of knowledge. It argues that experiences must provide reasons for beliefs if there are to be any beliefsExpand
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Perception and its objects
Early modern empiricists thought that the nature of perceptual experience is given by citing the object presented to the mind in that experience. Hallucination and illusion suggest that this requiresExpand
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Perception and Content
formulation of a truth-evaluable content as that things (or the relevant realm of reality) are (is) thus and so (as opposed to some other way), displays the particular/ general combination. 9 AnExpand
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New Essays on the A Priori
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Self-location and agency
We perceive things in the external world as spatially located both with respect to each other and to ourselves, such that they are in principle accessible from where we seem to be. I hear the doorExpand
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The Rational Role of Perceptual Experiences
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Objectivity, Simulation and the Unity of Consciousness
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Realism and the nature of perceptual experience
Realism concerning a given domain of things is the view that the things in that domain exist, and are as they are, quite independently of anyone’s thought or experience of them. The realism which IExpand
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Bodily awareness and the self
What can we learn about the nature of the self from reflection on bodily experience? I shall come at this question by addressing a more specific issue: how much ice does the phenomenon of bodilyExpand
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