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Photon Temporal Modes: A Complete Framework for Quantum Information Science
Field-orthogonal temporal modes of photonic quantum states provide a new framework for quantum information science (QIS). They intrinsically span a high-dimensional Hilbert space and lend themselvesExpand
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Theory of quantum frequency conversion and type-II parametric down-conversion in the high-gain regime
Frequency conversion (FC) and type-II parametric down-conversion (PDC) processes serve as basic building blocks for the implementation of quantum optical experiments: type-II PDC enables theExpand
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A quantum pulse gate based on spectrally engineered sum frequency generation.
We introduce the concept of a quantum pulse gate (QPG), a method for accessing the intrinsic broadband spectral mode structure of ultrafast quantum states of light. This mode structure can now beExpand
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Demonstration of coherent time-frequency Schmidt mode selection using dispersion-engineered frequency conversion
Time-frequency Schmidt (TFS) modes of ultrafast quantum states are naturally compatible with high bit-rate integrated quantum communication networks. Thus they offer an attractive alternative for theExpand
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From quantum pulse gate to quantum pulse shaper-engineered frequency conversion in nonlinear optical waveguides
Full control over the spatiotemporal structure of quantum states of light is an important goal in quantum optics, to generate, for instance, single-mode quantum pulses or to encode information onExpand
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Bridging visible and telecom wavelengths with a single-mode broadband photon pair source
We present a spectrally decorrelated photon pair source bridging the visible and telecom wavelength regions. Tailored design and fabrication of a solid-core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) lead to theExpand
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Temporal-mode tomography of single photons
Accessing a high dimensional Hilbert space spanned by temporal modes (TMs) of single-photons is an intriguing idea for quantum information protocols, though it is experimentally challenging. TheExpand
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Tailoring nonlinear processes for quantum optics with pulsed temporal-mode encodings
The time-frequency degree of freedom is a powerful resource for implementing high-dimensional quantum information processing. In particular, field-orthogonal pulsed temporal modes offer a flexibleExpand
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An optimized photon pair source for quantum circuits.
We implement an ultrafast pulsed type-II parametric down conversion source in a periodically poled KTP waveguide at telecommunication wavelengths with almost identical properties between signal andExpand
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Highly efficient frequency conversion with bandwidth compression of quantum light
We demonstrate an engineered sum-frequency-conversion process in lithium nio-bate that provides a bandwidth compression factor of 7.47 at a high efficiency of 61.5 %, thus outperforming spectralExpand
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