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Who Leaves? The Outmigration of the Foreign-Born
This paper analyzes the return migration of foreign-born persons in the United States. We argue that return migration may have been planned as part of an optimal life cycle residential locationExpand
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American Exceptionalism in a New Light: A Comparison of Intergenerational Earnings Mobility in the Nordic Countries, the United Kingdom and the United States
We develop methods and employ similar sample restrictions to analyse differences in intergenerational earnings mobility across the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway andExpand
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The Effect of Naturalization on Wage Growth: A Panel Study of Young Male Immigrants
For young male immigrants, naturalization facilitates assimilation into the U.S. labor market. Following naturalization, immigrants gain access to public‐sector, white‐collar, and union jobs, andExpand
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Nonlinearities in Intergenerational Earnings Mobility: Consequences for Cross-Country Comparisons
We show that the patterns of intergenerational earnings mobility in Denmark, Finland and Norway, unlike those for the US and the UK, are highly nonlinear. The Nordic relationship between log earningsExpand
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School Quality and Returns to Education of U.S. Immigrants.
Using the U.S. labor market as a common point of reference, this article investigates the influence of source country school quality on the returns to education of immigrants. Based on 1980 and 1990Expand
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The Impact of Host-Country Schooling on Earnings: A Study of Male Immigrants in the United States
Immigrants in the United States who acquire U.S. schooling earn higher wages than other immigrants. Using data from the U.S. censuses and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, we show that thisExpand
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Immigration and Wages: Evidence from Construction
To identify relative wage impacts of immigration, we make use of certification and licensing requirements in the Norwegian construction sector that give rise to exogenous variation in immigrantExpand
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Identifying Earnings Assimilation of Immigrants Under Changing Macroeconomic Conditions
Labour market outcomes of immigrants and natives are affected differently by changes in macroeconomic conditions. In pa rticular, we show that earnings of immigrants from outside the OECD area areExpand
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Who Pays for Performance?
Using Norwegian establishment surveys from 1997 and 2003, we show that performance-related pay is more prevalent in firms where workers of the main occupation have a high degree of autonomy in how toExpand
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Interindustry Wage Differentials and Unobserved Ability: Siblings Evidence from Five Countries
We examine the role of unobserved ability in explaining interindustry wage differentials. By using data on brothers, we account for unmeasured abilities shared by siblings. The data came from fourExpand
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