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Several studies have addressed the CEO duality-performance relationship, with inconsistent results. This paper proposes that these inconsistencies can be resolved by integrating agency andExpand
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Board control and ceo compensation
The board of directors has been identified as a key internal control mechanism for setting CEO compensation. Theory suggests that CEOs will attempt to circumvent board control in an effort toExpand
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Corporate linkages and organizational environment: A test of the resource dependence model
Two comnpeting mlodels of corporate boards are presented. Managenment control proposes that the board is a rubber stamp for management, and plays a minor role in strategic managemlent, whileExpand
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After two decades of research, the effect of strategic planning on a firm's performance is still unclear. While some studies have found significant benefits from planning, others have found noExpand
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How Much Does the CEO Matter? The Role of Managerial Discretion in the Setting of CEO Compensation
The idea that managerial discretion—defined as latitude of action—may be an important determinant of CEO compensation has been recognized for some time. However, in spite of considerable work that ...
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Construct measurement in strategic management research: illusion or reality?
Strategic management research has been characterized as placing less emphasis on construct measurement than other management subfields. In this work, we document the state of the art of measurementExpand
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Corporate Governance-An International Review
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Using meta-analytic structural equation modeling to advance strategic management research: Guidelines and an empirical illustration via the strategic leadership-performance relationship
This paper demonstrates how meta-analysis can be combined with structural equation modeling (MASEM) to address new questions in strategic management research. We review this integration, describe itsExpand
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Dimensions of CEO–Board Relations
Interactions between CEOs and their boards of directors are a prominent focus of management and strategy research. Despite the extensive literature on CEO–board relations, to date there has beenExpand
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A measurement model of strategic planning
We address these concerns by developing and validating a multiple indicator measure of strategic planning, using two independent samples. Expand
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