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Does Politics Stop at the Water's Edge in Canada?
Do political parties matter when it comes to Canadian foreign policy? Conventional wisdom says they do. We often hear the argument that some past decision would not have been made if only anotherExpand
An Independent Foreign Policy for Canada?: Challenges and Choices for the Future
Forty years ago, as the United States became increasingly involved in Vietnam, questions were raised in Canada about the relationship between its foreign policy agenda and that of its southernExpand
The Politics of Linkage: Power, Interdependence, and Ideas in Canada-US Relations
  • B. Bow
  • Political Science
  • 2 December 2009
Acknowledgments Abbreviations 1 The Social Foundations of the Special Relationship 2 Power, Interdependence, and Ideas 3 Nuclear Weapons, 1959-63 4 Arctic Waters, 1969-71 5 Oil and Gas, 1980-83 6 WarExpand
Parties and Partisanship in Canadian Defence Policy
On the face of it, defence and security policy would seem to be the aspects of Canadian foreign policy to which parties and partisanship would matter least of all. Policymakers may play the game ofExpand
Anti-Americanism in Canada, Before and After Iraq
  • B. Bow
  • Sociology
  • 22 September 2008
When Americans think about anti-Americanism, they are likely to think of angry demonstrations in Pakistan, stuffy French intellectuals, or maybe a surly cab driver they once ran into in Mexico. MostExpand
Legitimacy, Politicization and Regional Integration in North America
As described in the Introduction to this volume, the politicization of regional integration in Europe in the 1990s gave rise to a debate about the legitimacy of regional integration there, and thatExpand
Measuring Canadian foreign policy
In “Yearning for a progressive research program in Canadian foreign policy,” Jean-Christophe Boucher attempts to survey and evaluate the field of Canadian foreign policy (CFP) using LakatosianExpand