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The skeletal attachment of tendons--tendon "entheses".
Tendon entheses can be classed as fibrous or fibrocartilaginous according to the tissue present at the skeletal attachment site. The former can be "bony" or "periosteal", depending on whether theExpand
Comparative and functional anatomy of the mammalian lumbar spine
The human fifth lumbar vertebra is remarkable in possessing the largest endplate surface area and the widest distance between the inferior articular processes, as an indicator of the high degree of axial load and torsion in bipedalism. Expand
Biomechanical Evaluation of Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty With Polymethyl Methacrylate or Calcium Phosphate Cement Under Cyclic Loading
Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty seem to be equivalent methods in strengthening osteoporotic vertebrae, however, these results cannot be transferred to the treatment of fractures with these methods. Expand
Access related complications in anterior lumbar surgery performed by spinal surgeons
The results are comparable to other studies and support the notion that access surgery to the lumbar spine can be performed safely by spinal surgeons with adequate training, and suggest that the majority of the major venous injuries were repaired by the spinal surgeon. Expand
Effect of timing of surgery on neurological outcome and survival in metastatic spinal cord compression
The results show that surgery should be performed sooner rather than later, and earlier surgical treatment within 48 h in patients with MSCC resulted in significantly better neurological outcome, however, the timing of surgery did not influence length of hospital stay, complication rate or patient survival. Expand
Clinical outcomes of sacroplasty in sacral insufficiency fractures: a review of the literature
Cement augmentation techniques such as sacroplasty with or without iliosacral screw fixation can produce significant improvements in VAS scores, and appear to be a suitable alternative to analgesia and rehabilitation. Expand
Fluoroscopic radiation exposure of the kyphoplasty patient
To assess the range of radiation doses that patients are typically subjected to, 60 consecutive procedures using simultaneous bilateral fluoroscopy were analysed with respect to exposure time (ET) and effective dose was calculated. Expand
Calcified giant thoracic disc herniations: considerations and treatment strategies
Anterior decompression through a thoracotomy approach, and varying degrees of vertebral resection with or without reconstruction allowed us to safely remove the calcified fragment. Expand
Delayed diagnosis of cervical spondylotic myelopathy by primary care physicians.
The diagnosis of CSM in the community is frequently delayed, leading to late referral for surgery, and a higher index of suspicion for this debilitating entity is required from family practitioners and community-based orthopedic surgeons to prevent neurological sequelae. Expand
Vertebro-/Kyphoplasty History, Development, Results
An overview of the techniques and the history of their development is provided, primarily in use since 1984, and indications for augmentation are painful osteoporotic vertebral fractures, metastatic osteolyses, and painful or destabilizing vertebral hemangiomas. Expand