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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives
(NOTE: Each chapter begins with an Introduction and concludes with a Summary and References.) Preface. List of Principal Symbols. 1. Power Semiconductor Devices. Diodes. Thyristors. Triacs. Gate
Power Electronics and Motor Drives: Advances and Trends
Introduction Power Semiconductor Devices Phase-Controlled Converters and Cycloconverters Voltage-Fed Converters and PWM Techniques Current-Fed Converters AC Machined for Drives Induction Motor
Fuzzy logic based intelligent control of a variable speed cage machine wind generation system
A variable speed wind generation system where fuzzy logic principles are used for efficiency optimization and performance enhancement control and the complete control system has been developed, analyzed, and validated by simulation study.
Neural Network Applications in Power Electronics and Motor Drives—An Introduction and Perspective
  • B. Bose
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • 5 February 2007
The principal topologies of neural networks that are currently most relevant for applications in power electronics have been reviewed including the detailed description of their properties.
Power Electronics and Ac Drives
An integrated treatment of technological advances in power electronics with a focus on power semiconductor devices, ac machines, phase-controlled converters and cycloconverters, voltage-fed inverter drives, current-fed inverted drives, slip powercontrolled drives, control of induction and synchronous machines, and microcomputer control.
Fuzzy logic based on-line efficiency optimization control of an indirect vector-controlled induction motor drive
A fuzzy logic based on-line efficiency optimization control of a drive that uses an indirect vector controlled induction motor speed control system in the inner loop adaptively decrements the excitation current on the basis of measured input power such that, for a given load torque and speed, the drive settles down to the minimum input power.
An adaptive hysteresis-band current control technique of a voltage-fed PWM inverter for machine drive system
An adaptive hysteresis-band control method where the band is modulated with the system parameters to maintain the modulation frequency to be nearly constant is described. Although the technique is
Evaluation of membership functions for fuzzy logic controlled induction motor drive
  • Jin Zhao, B. Bose
  • Computer Science
    IEEE 28th Annual Conference of the Industrial…
  • 5 November 2002
Different types of membership functions are evaluated in the fuzzy control of an induction motor drive using triangular, trapezoidal, Gaussian, bell, sigmoidal and polynomial types.