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Evaluating a sexual assault and dating violence prevention program for urban youths
A sexual assault and dating violence prevention program presented in an urban middle school was evaluated to assess its influence on the knowledge and attitudes of an intervention group of 46 and aExpand
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When Will Adolescents Tell Someone About Dating Violence Victimization?
This study examined factors that influence help-seeking among a diverse sample of adolescents who experienced dating violence. A sample of 57 high school students in an urban community reported onExpand
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From attitude change to effective practice: Exploring the relationship
This article reports on a study of teaching strategies designed to improve students’ anticipated professional behavior (APB) with gay and lesbian clients. Early in the fall 1995 term, 110 students inExpand
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Informal helpers' responses when adolescents tell them about dating violence or romantic relationship problems.
This study examines the responses of informal helpers to adolescents who disclose dating violence or upsetting but non-violent experiences in their romantic relationships. Based on a survey of 224Expand
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Violence Victimization on a College Campus
Violence against university students has significant impact on their mental health. The impact of violence on students’ academic performance has received little attention. The primary purpose of thisExpand
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Graduating Social Work Students’ Perspectives on Domestic Violence
This article reports the findings of a qualitative study that examined 124 social work students’ views on the causes and dynamics of domestic violence and their recommended interventions in a caseExpand
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Evaluating a Psychoeducational Sexual Assault Prevention Program Incorporating Theatrical Presentation, Peer Education, and Social Work
Objective A theatrical sexual assault prevention program presented by social work students on an urban university campus was evaluated to assess its influence on attitude change of audienceExpand
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Homophobia Among Students in Social Work Programs
This article presents the results of a study examining students' levels of homophobia and changes in these levels at various points in the social work curriculum. The study found that social workExpand
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The Relationship Between Attitudes: Homophobia and Sexism Among Social Work Students
This article reports on a study of the relationship between students' attitudes toward women and toward gay men and lesbians and changes in those attitudes during social work courses at twoExpand
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Quality Guidelines for Social Work PhD Programs
The Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Educationin Social Work (GADE) adopted a new version of quality guidelines for PhD social work programs at its annual meeting in April 2013. These guidelinesExpand
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