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Primary structure and functional analysis of the lysis genes of Lactobacillus gasseri bacteriophage phi adh.
Significant homology with the N termini of known muramidases suggests that phi adh lysin acts by a similar catalytic mechanism in E. coli, where it seems to be associated with the total membrane fraction, from which it can be extracted with lauryl sarcosinate. Expand
The cytotoxic activity of the bacteriophage λ‐holin protein reduces tumour growth rates in mammary cancer cell xenograft models
Whether the λ‐holin protein has a cytotoxic impact on eukaryotic cells and whether it holds potential as a new therapeutic protein for cancer gene therapy is evaluated. Expand
Inducible Promoter-Repressor System from the Lactobacillus casei Phage φFSW
A homology search revealed that the C terminus of the isolated φFSW repressor shows a high similarity to the small mutS-related domain of the MutS2 protein family that is unprecedented for phage-encoded repressor proteins. Expand