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A Survey of Computation Offloading for Mobile Systems
An overview of the background, techniques, systems, and research areas for offloading computation is provided, and directions for future research are described.
PROMISE: peer-to-peer media streaming using CollectCast
We present the design, implementation, and evaluation of PROMISE, a novel peer-to-peer media streaming system encompassing the key functions of peer lookup, peer-based aggregated streaming, and
A fast MPEG video encryption algorithm
A novel MPEG Video Encryption Algorithm, called VEA, to use a secret key randomly changing the sign bits of all of the DCT coefficients of MPEG video to secure video-on-demand, tideo conferencing and video email applications is presented.
Extending Attack Graph-Based Security Metrics and Aggregating Their Application
  • N. Idika, B. Bhargava
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure…
  • 2012
This work proposes a complimentary suite of attack graph-based security metrics and specifies an algorithm for combining the usage of these metrics and presents simulated results that suggest that the approach reaches a conclusion about which of two attack graphs correspond to a network that is most secure in many instances.
AO2P: ad hoc on-demand position-based private routing protocol
Analysis and simulation results show that, while AO2P preserves communication privacy in ad hoc networks, its routing performance is comparable with other position-based routing algorithms.
Secure and efficient access to outsourced data
This paper proposes to encrypt every data block with a different key so that flexible cryptography-based access control can be achieved, and investigates the overhead and safety of the proposed approach, and study mechanisms to improve data access efficiency.
Visualization of wormholes in sensor networks
A mechanism, MDS-VOW, to detect wormholes in a sensor network that does not require the sensors to be equipped with special hardware and has a low false alarm ratio when the distance measurement errors are not large.
On peer-to-peer media streaming
A distributed differentiated admission control protocol DAC/sub p2p/ achieves fast system capacity amplification; benefits all requesting peers in admission rate, waiting time, and buffering delay; and creates an incentive for peers to offer their truly available out-bound bandwidth.
An efficient MPEG video encryption algorithm
An efficient MPEG video encryption algorithm that can be used to secure video-on-demand, video conferencing and video email applications and is fast enough to meet the real time requirement of MPEG video applications is presented.
MPEG Video Encryption in Real-time Using Secret Key Cryptography
We present a fast MPEG video encryption algorithm called RVEA which encrypts selected sign bits of the DCT coeecients and motion vectors using secret key cryptography algorithms such as DES or IDEA.