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India and the Soviet Union: The Nehru Era
Towards Fusion Energy in the Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0 Context: Call for a Global Commission for Urgent Action on Fusion Energy
This article provides a high-level review of the geopolitical status quo of nuclear fusion energy and outlines a vision for the future against the backdrop of Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0. In 2020,Expand
India's Science and Technology Plan, 1974-79
It is often suggested that without planning for scientific research, the risk of fragmented effort is enhanced, with the possibilities of duplication, waste and subsequent inefficient utilization ofExpand
Nonkilling Political Science
The legacy of the past century about the use of the modern technology in the service of ideologies of hate and supremacy continues on. One reality is that mighty nations still believe that they canExpand
Review: South and Southeast Asia: India and the Soviet Union the Nehru Era
"we should sharpen our thinking on the question as to whether a strategy of regionalism and regional economic cooperation will actually serve the broad economic ends of better living levels, lessExpand
R & D management
Coupling technical information generators and exploiters The relationship between the planning and technical functions. Part I—The short to medium term International scientific and technicalExpand
Scientific Research and Accountability: Attitudes of the Political Executive, Scientists and Civil Servants, 1952-70 ∗
Accountability is defined here as an obligation to reveal, explain, and to justify one's actions. It refers to the way in which responsibilities, financial or other, the origins of which may beExpand