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Generation of a pseudo-random set with desired correlation and probability distribution
Pseudo-random sequences can be computed to approximate a distribution or a sample correlation function. How ever, conventional techniques do not allow the control of both distribution andExpand
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Newton-preconditioned Krylov subspace solvers for system of nonlinear equations: A numerical experiment
In this paper, we present a numerical comparative study of the Newton-preconditioned Lanczos algorithms and CG-like methods, with respect to convergence speed and CPU-time, by considering appropriate test problems. Expand
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Fast Computational Algorithms for Bit Reversal
Radix—2 fast Fourier transform programs of Gentleman-Sande type leave the transformed array in a scrambled order of frequencies. Expand
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Comparison of Krylov subspace methods with preconditioning techniques for solving boundary value problems
Abstract In this paper, we made an attempt to establish the usefulness of Lanczos solver with preconditioning technique over the preconditioned Conjugate Gradient (CG) solvers. We have presented hereExpand
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Sequencing the Hadamard transform
The fast computational algorithm based on matrix Kronecker products yields the Hadamard transform in a scrambled order of sequencies. A computational algorithm is developed to arrange the transformExpand
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Evaluating analog-to-digital converters
In this paper, a digital computer procedure is developed to determine the presence and extent of errors due to time jitter, nonlinearity, gain, quantization, and locked bits in the A/D converter. Expand
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Efficient Fast Fourier Transform Programs for Arbitary Factors with One Step Loop Unscrambling
We develop efficient fast Fourier transform (FFT) programs to transform arrays of dimension N, where N can be written as a power of two possibly multiplied by arbitrary factors. Expand
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Comparison of Lanczos and CGS solvers for solving numerical heat transfer problems
Abstract In this paper, we have presented a comparative study of the Lanczos solver with out preconditioning and Conjugate Gradient Squared (CGS) solver with preconditioning for solving numericalExpand
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Parameter identification in linear distributed parameter systems
Perturbation analysis is used to identify unknown but constant parameters in a linear distributed parameter system. Noisy observations are assumed to be available at a finite number of spatialExpand
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Fourier Transform and Ambiguity Function of Piecewise Polynomial Functions
A general systematic procedure is described for computing the Fourier transform and the ambiguity function of waveforms that are piecewise polynomial. The procedure can be implemented by hand orExpand
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