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A test of general relativity using radio links with the Cassini spacecraft
According to general relativity, photons are deflected and delayed by the curvature of space-time produced by any mass. The bending and delay are proportional to γ + 1, where the parameter γ is unityExpand
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Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background: Upper Limits in the 10–6 to 10–3 Hz Band
We have used precision Doppler tracking of the Cassini spacecraft during its 2001-2002 solar opposition to derive improved observational limits to an isotropic background of low-frequencyExpand
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Doppler measurement of the solar gravitational deflection
Testing alternative metric theories of gravity with an accuracy much better than the present level has recently drawn great attention, in particular in relation to the search for a very weak scalarExpand
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Same beam interferometry as a tool for the investigation of the lunar interior
Abstract Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR), by providing routine measurements of the distance to retro-reflector arrays on the lunar surface with centimeter accuracy, has allowed very accurate investigationsExpand
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Search for Gravitational Wave Trains with the Spacecraft ULYSSES
We report on the search for periodic gravitational wave in the mHz band conducted with the spacecraft ULYSSES. Gravitational wave signals generally provide information about the distance of theExpand
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Is the solar system gravitationally closed
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Pseudospheres in geometry and physics: from Beltrami to De Sitter and beyond ∗
We review the extraordinary fertility and proliferation in mathematics and physics of the concept of a surface with constant and negative Gaussian curvature. In his outstanding 1868 paper BeltramiExpand
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