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Transport in Out-of-Equilibrium XXZ Chains: Exact Profiles of Charges and Currents.
A kinetic theory of elementary excitations is proposed and an exact expression for the expectation values of the charge currents in a generic stationary state is unveiled for the nonequilibrium time evolution of piecewise homogeneous states in the XXZ spin-1/2 chain.
Exact Correlation Functions for Dual-Unitary Lattice Models in 1+1 Dimensions.
It is shown that for this class of circuits, generically nonintegrable, one can compute explicitly all dynamical correlations of local observables and this result is exact, nonpertubative, and holds for any dimension d of the local Hilbert space.
Entanglement Spreading in a Minimal Model of Maximal Many-Body Quantum Chaos
The spreading of entanglement in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems is currently at the center of intense interdisciplinary research efforts involving communities with interests ranging from
Exact Spectral Form Factor in a Minimal Model of Many-Body Quantum Chaos.
It is shown that the self-dual cases provide a minimal model of many-body quantum chaos, where the spectral form factor is demonstrated to match RMT for all values of the integer time variable t in the thermodynamic limit.
Finite-temperature transport in one-dimensional quantum lattice models
The last decade has witnessed an impressive progress in the theoretical understanding of transport properties of clean, one-dimensional quantum lattice systems. Many physically relevant models in one
Exact dynamics in dual-unitary quantum circuits
We consider the class of dual-unitary quantum circuits in 1 + 1 dimensions and introduce a notion of “solvable” matrix product states (MPSs), defined by a specific condition which allows us to tackle
Prethermalization and Thermalization in Models with Weak Integrability Breaking.
This work focuses on a class of spinless fermion models with weak interactions and employs equation of motion techniques that can be viewed as generalizations of quantum Boltzmann equations, finding the method to be very accurate as long as interactions are weak.
Determination of the Nonequilibrium Steady State Emerging from a Defect.
The situations where a light cone spreads out from the defect and separates the system into regions with macroscopically different properties are discerned and a procedure to obtain a (quasi)stationary state describing the late time dynamics of local observables is proposed.
Quantum quenches in the sinh-Gordon model: steady state and one-point correlation functions
We consider quantum quenches to the sinh-Gordon integrable quantum field theory from a particular class of initial states. Our analysis includes the case of mass and interaction quenches starting
Entanglement Spreading and Generalized Hydrodynamics
Understanding the spreading of entanglement in out-of-equilibrium quantum many-body systems is currently regarded as the key to unravel how equilibrium statistical mechanics emerges from quantum