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Modeling and Verification of Time Dependent Systems Using Time Petri Nets
A description and analysis of concurrent systems, such as communication systems, whose behavior is dependent on explicit values of time is presented. Expand
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State Class Constructions for Branching Analysis of Time Petri Nets
This paper is concerned with construction of some state space abstractions for Time Petri nets. Expand
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An Enumerative Approach for Analyzing Time Petri Nets
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Fiacre: an Intermediate Language for Model Verification in the Topcased Environment
We present the Fiacre intermediate language for model verification in the TOPCASED environment. Expand
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Time Petri Nets Analysis with TINA
Beside the usual graphic editing and simulation facilities, the software tool Tina may build a number of state space abstractions for Petri nets, preserving certain classes of properties. Expand
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Bridging the Gap Between Timed Automata and Bounded Time Petri Nets
We compare Timed Automata with Bounded Time Petri Nets extended with static Priorities, and show that two large subsets of these models are equally expressive in terms of weak timed bisimilarity. Expand
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Formal Verification of AADL Specifications in the Topcased Environment
We describe a formal verification toolchain for AADL, the SAE Architecture Analysis and Design Language, enriched with its behavioral annex. Expand
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Model Checking Bounded Prioritized Time Petri Nets
In a companion paper [BPV06], we investigated the expressiveness of Time Petri Nets extended with Priorities and showed that it is very close to that Timed Automata, in terms of weak timed bisimilarity. Expand
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Reachability Problems and Abstract State Spaces for Time Petri Nets with Stopwatches
We first introduce a simple class of TPNs extended with stopwatches (SwTPNs), and present a semi-algorithm for building exact representations of the behavior of SwTPNs, based on the known state class method for Time Petri nets. Expand
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Ladder Metamodeling and PLC Program Validation through Time Petri Nets
We propose a model driven approach for formal verification of LD programs through model-checking. Expand
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