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Extensibility safety and performance in the SPIN operating system
This paper describes the motivation, architecture and performance of SPIN, an extensible operating system that can be dynamically specialized to safely meet the performance and functionality requirements of applications. Expand
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The Midway distributed shared memory system
The authors describe the motivation, design, and performance of Midway, a programming system for a distributed shared memory multicomputer (DSM) such as an ATM-based cluster, a CM-5, or a Paragon. Expand
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Improving the reliability of commodity operating systems
This article describes Nooks, a reliability subsystem that seeks to greatly enhance operating system (OS) reliability by isolating the OS from driver failures with little or no change to the existing driver and system code. Expand
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Scheduler activations: effective kernel support for the user-level management of parallelism
We argue that the performance of kernel threads is inherently worse than that of user-level threads, rather than this being an artifact of existing implementations; we thus argue that managing parallelism at the user level is essential to high-performance parallel computing. Expand
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PRESTO: A system for object‐oriented parallel programming
PRESTO is a programming system for writing object‐oriented parallel programs in a multiprocessor environment with a set of pre‐defined object types that simplify the construction of parallel programs. Expand
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Midway : shared memory parallel programming with entry consistency for distributed memory multiprocessors
A shared memory parallel programming system which addresses the problem of excessive communication in a distributed memory multiprocessor. Expand
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Recovering device drivers
We introduce a new operating system mechanism called a shadow driver that enables applications to run correctly when device drivers fail. Expand
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Efficient Packet Demultiplexing for Multiple Endpoints and Large Messages
This paper describes a new packet filter mechanism that efficiently dispatches incoming network packets to one of multiple endpoints, for example address spaces. Expand
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The impact of operating system structure on memory system performance
  • J. Bradley Chen, B. Bershad
  • Computer Science
  • SOSP '93
  • 3 January 1994
We evaluate the memory system behavior of two distinctly different implementations of the UNIX operating system: DEC's Ultrix, a monolithic system, and Mach 3.0 with CMU's UNIX server, a microkernel-based system. Expand
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Instrumentation and optimization of Win32/intel executables using Etch
Etch is a general-purpose tool for rewriting arbitrary Win32/x86 binaries without requiring source code. Expand
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