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Extensibility safety and performance in the SPIN operating system
Particulate material is dispensed from a portable supply container by application of positive pressure in the open space of the container above the material to fluidize the same, and simultaneously,Expand
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The Midway distributed shared memory system
The authors describe the motivation, design, and performance of Midway, a programming system for a distributed shared memory multicomputer (DSM) such as an ATM-based cluster, a CM-5, or a Paragon.Expand
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Improving the reliability of commodity operating systems
Despite decades of research in extensible operating system technology, extensions such as device drivers remain a significant cause of system failures. In Windows XP, for example, drivers account forExpand
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PRESTO: A System for Object-oriented Parallel Programming
PRESTO is a programming system for writing object-oriented parallel programs in a multiprocessor environment. PRESTO provides the programmer with a set of pre-defined object types that simplify theExpand
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Midway : shared memory parallel programming with entry consistency for distributed memory multiprocessors
Abstract: "Distributed memory multiprocessing offers a cost- effective and scalable solution for a large class of scientific and numeric applications. Unfortunately, the performance of currentExpand
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The impact of operating system structure on memory system performance
  • J. Bradley Chen, B. Bershad
  • Computer Science
  • SOSP '93
  • 3 January 1994
In this paper we evaluate the memory system behavior of two distinctly different implementations of the UNIX operating system: DEC's Ultrix, a monolithic system, and Mach 3.0 with CMU's UNIX server,Expand
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Recovering device drivers
This article presents a new mechanism that enables applications to run correctly when device drivers fail. Because device drivers are the principal failing component in most systems, reducingExpand
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Efficient Packet Demultiplexing for Multiple Endpoints and Large Messages
This paper describes a new packet filter mechanism that efficiently dispatches incoming network packets to one of multiple endpoints, for example address spaces. Earlier packet filter systemsExpand
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SPIN—an extensible microkernel for application-specific operating system services
Application domains such as multimedia, databases, and parallel computing, require operating system services with high performance and high functionality. Existing operating systems provide fixedExpand
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Instrumentation and optimization of Win32/intel executables using Etch
Etch is a general-purpose tool for rewriting arbitrary Win32/x86 binaries without requiring source code. Etch provides a framework for modifying executables for both measurement and optimization.Expand
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