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Pedagogy, symbolic control, and identity : theory, research, critique
Part 1 Towards a Revised Theory of Pedagogy: Studies in Recontextualizing and Bernstein Interviewed.
Vertical and Horizontal Discourse: An essay
The analysis in this paper has its origins in a critical account of the sociology of education (Bernstein, 1975) where the various approaches to the study of sociology were taken as the
The structuring of pedagogic discourse
Part I: On Codes 1. Codes, Modalities and the process of Cultural Reproduction: A Model 2. Social Class and Pedagogic Practice 3. Elaborated and Restricted Codes: Overview and Critisms Part II: On
Theoretical Studies Towards a Sociology of Language
The papers in this volume show the origin and development of Bernstein's theoretical studies into the relationships between social class, patterns of language use and the primary socialization of the
The Structuring of Pedagogic Discourse: volume IV, class, codes and control.
This fourth volume on 'class, codes and control', published 15 years after the third, is not a culmination but a continuing search for understanding, with main strands in the enquiry being followed into ever deeper ground.
On the Classification and Framing of Educational Knowledge
Author(s) of article or chapter: Bernstein, B Title of article or chapter: On the classification and framing of educational knowledge Author(s) / Editor(s) of source publication: Bernstein, B Title
Class and pedagogies, visible and invisible
∗ This article is reproduced by kind permission of the author and O.E.C.D. (Paris) who are publishing the material in the series Studies in the Learning Sciences (Paris, O.E.C.D., 1975).