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Topological Insulators and Topological Superconductors
This graduate-level textbook is the first pedagogical synthesis of the field of topological insulators and superconductors, one of the most exciting areas of research in condensed matter physics.Expand
Quantum Spin Hall Effect and Topological Phase Transition in HgTe Quantum Wells
We show that the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect, a state of matter with topological properties distinct from those of conventional insulators, can be realized in mercury telluride–cadmium tellurideExpand
Quantized electric multipole insulators
This work introduces a paradigm in which “nested” Wilson loops give rise to topological invariants that have been overlooked and opens a venue for the expansion of the classification of topological phases of matter. Expand
Type-II Weyl semimetals
This work proposes the existence of a previously overlooked type of Weyl fermion that emerges at the boundary between electron and hole pockets in a new phase of matter and discovers a type-II Weyl point, which is still a protected crossing, but appears at the contact of electron and Hole pockets in type- II Weyl semimetals. Expand
Observation of Majorana fermions in ferromagnetic atomic chains on a superconductor
High-resolution spectroscopic imaging techniques show that the onset of superconductivity, which gaps the electronic density of states in the bulk of the Fe chains, is accompanied by the appearance of zero-energy end-states, providing strong evidence for the formation of a topological phase and edge-bound Majorana fermions in atomic chains. Expand
Topological quantum chemistry
A complete electronic band theory is proposed, which builds on the conventional band theory of electrons, highlighting the link between the topology and local chemical bonding and can be used to predict many more topological insulators. Expand
Model fractional quantum Hall states and Jack polynomials.
The Jacks presented in this Letter describe new trial uniform states, but it is yet to be determined to which actual experimental fractional quantum Hall effect states they apply. Expand
Higher-order topological insulators
The notion of three-dimensional topological insulators is extended to systems that host no gapless surface states but exhibit topologically protected gapless hinge states and it is shown that SnTe as well as surface-modified Bi2TeI, BiSe, and BiTe are helical higher-order topology insulators. Expand
Multi-Weyl topological semimetals stabilized by point group symmetry.
We perform a complete classification of two-band k·p theories at band crossing points in 3D semimetals with n-fold rotation symmetry and broken time-reversal symmetry. Using this classification, weExpand
Emergence of the persistent spin helix in semiconductor quantum wells
Experimental observation of the emergence of the persistent spin helix in GaAs quantum wells by independently tuning α and β1 is reported, and a spin-lifetime enhancement of two orders of magnitude near the symmetry point is found. Expand