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Balance training improves function and postural control in those with chronic ankle instability.
PURPOSE The purpose of this randomized controlled trial was to determine the effect of a 4-wk balance training program on static and dynamic postural control and self-reported functional outcomes inExpand
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Paraspinal muscle reflex dynamics.
Neuromuscular control of spinal stability may be represented as a control system wherein the paraspinal muscle reflex acts as feedback response to kinetic and kinematic disturbances of the trunk. TheExpand
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Reports of body pain in a dental student population.
BACKGROUND Dentists experience more neck, shoulder and lower back pain than do practitioners in other occupational groups. The authors examined the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain in dentalExpand
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Effects of balance training on gait parameters in patients with chronic ankle instability: a randomized controlled trial
Objective: To examine the effects of a four-week balance training programme on ankle kinematics during walking and jogging in those with chronic ankle instability. A secondary objective was toExpand
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Low-Back Biomechanics and Static Stability During Isometric Pushing
Pushing and pulling tasks are increasingly prevalent in industrial workplaces. Few studies have investigated low-back biomechanical risk factors associated with pushing, and we are aware of none thatExpand
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Angular momentum of walking at different speeds.
Recently, researchers in robotics have used regulation of the angular momentum of body segments about the total body center of mass (CoM) to develop control strategies for bipedal gait. This work wasExpand
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Neural control of urethral outlet activity in vivo: role of nitric oxide.
The present study investigated the role of nitric oxide (NO) in the reflex changes in urethral outlet activity during micturition. Isovolumetric bladder contractions, urethral pressure and externalExpand
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Angular momentum synergies during walking
We studied the coordination of body segments during treadmill walking. Specifically, we used the uncontrolled manifold hypothesis framework to quantify the segmental angular momenta (SAM) synergiesExpand
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The effects of ankle foot orthoses on energy recovery and work during gait in children with cerebral palsy.
BACKGROUND Studies suggest that 50% of children with cerebral palsy are prescribed ankle foot orthoses. One of the aims of ankle foot orthosis use is to aid in walking. This research examined theExpand
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Center of mass movement and energy transfer during walking in children with cerebral palsy.
OBJECTIVE To gain insight into the mechanical inefficiencies of gait patterns used by children with spastic diplegia by analysis of center of mass (COM) movement and energy recovery. DESIGNExpand
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