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Hotshots, Hotspots, and Female Preference in the Organization of Lek Mating Systems
It is argued that a strong mating skew among males forces novice males entering a population to adopt a long-term mating strategy that involves delayed breeding (floating) and subordinate lek behavior.
Birds of New Guinea
This book is the first definitive ornithological field guide to New Guinea and treats all of the more than 700 species of birds recorded from the region, illustrating more than 600 of them in forty-seven fine color plates and eight black-and-white halftone plates.
The birds of paradise : Paradisaeidae
This book discusses the birds of paradise in human tradition and culture, their evolution and biogeography, and some of the more important locations mentioned in the text.
Homobatrachotoxin in the genus Pitohui: chemical defense in birds?
Three passerine species in the genus Pitohui, endemic to the New Guinea subregion, contain the steroidal alkaloid homobatrachotoxin, apparently as a chemical defense, suggesting that birds and frogs independently evolved this class of alkaloids.
Ornithological survey of the mountains of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea
Summary.—Based on field work conducted between 2009 and 2012 in the YUS Conservation Area on the Huon Peninsula, we present novel distributional information for 47 avian species. This includes range
Ecological structuring of forest bird communities in New Guinea
In an attempt to review ecological factors important in the structuring of New Guinea’s birdlife, this chapter takes a comparative approach. The first section addresses the avifauna as a whole,