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Ethnicity, intra-elite differentiation and political stability in Kenya
Politics in Kenya remains vulnerable to ethnic tensions despite its openness and vibrancy, but it can also be argued that Kenyan politics is becoming increasingly mature. This article explains theExpand
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Educated Bandits: Endogenous Property Rights and Intra�?Elite Distribution of Human Capital
This article presents a simple model of endogenous institutions linking property rights to the distribution of human capital between political and economic elite groups. In the absence ofExpand
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For richer, for poorer: why ethnicity often trumps economic cleavages in Kenya
ABSTRACT This article aims to examine why ethnic allegiances have persisted as the most dominant platform used by the elites to organise collective action in Kenya. The author formulates a broadExpand
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A Dream Deferred: The Microfoundations of Direct Political Action in Pre- and Post-democratisation South Africa
Abstract The stability of young democracies may be threatened by persistent protest as the economic legacies of the old autocratic regimes tend to outlive the defunct political structures. This paperExpand
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Institutional change in the long shadow of elites; Essays on Institutions, Human Capital and Ethnicity in developing countries
this paper presents a simple framework of endogenous institutions linking property rights to the distribution of human capital between political and economic elite groups. A non-predatory stateExpand
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Emigration and education: the schooling of the left behind in Nigeria
The potential effects of migration on the welfare of the left behind consist in an important part of the debate around migration. In this paper, we use household survey data from Nigeria to examine...
Measuring political and economic institutions in Ethiopia: c.1888 –2016
This paper presents the first ever set of indices of political and civil rights and land rights in Ethiopia spanning more than a century. We have extracted information from legal texts and historicalExpand
Political transition in a small open economy: Retracing the economic trail of South Africa’s long walk to democracy
This paper seeks to offer an economic explanation for the emergence of democracy in societies with high income inequality and narrow middle-class such as Apartheid South Africa. The presence of aExpand
The Ballot and the Riot: South-South Migration, Elections and Violence in South Africa1
Little is known about the political consequences of immigration in low and middle income countries. In this paper, we estimate the effect of exposure to immigration on election outcomes, protests andExpand
Human capital inequality and electoral outcomes in South Africa
This paper examines the nature and evolution of horizontal and vertical human-capital inequality in South Africa since the end of apartheid. Using census data from 1996, 2001, and 2011, we useExpand