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Polymeric proton conducting membranes for medium temperature fuel cells (110–160°C)
Abstract The availability of stable polymeric membranes with good proton conductivity at medium temperatures is very important for the development of methanol PEM fuel cells. In view of thisExpand
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Anion-exchange membranes with improved alkaline stability
Abstract With the increasing use of electrodialysis in the chemical and biochemical process industry and for the treatment of industrial waste waters, the demand for ion-exchange membranes whichExpand
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Selectivity of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Membranes
Sulfonic acid-functionalized polymer electrolyte membranes alternative to Nafion® were developed. These were hydrocarbon systems, such as blend sulfonated polyetheretherketone (s-PEEK), newExpand
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Optimization of perfluorosulphonic ionomer amount in gas diffusion electrodes for PEMFC operation under automotive conditions
ABSTRACT Perfluorinated sulphonic acid (PFSA) polymers such as Nafion® are widely used for both electrolyte membrane and ionomer in the catalytic layer because of their high proton conductivity (σH)Expand
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Bipolar membranes under forward and reverse bias conditions. Theory vs. experiment
Abstract Bipolar membranes are layered structures composed of one cation-and one anion-exchange membrane joined together in series. The current—voltage curves of two recently developed bipolarExpand
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Enolether. XVII: Die Acylierung von (Trimethylsilyl)enolethern mit Malonyldichlorid ― Darstellung von 4-Hydroxy-2H-pyran-2-onen
(Trimethylsilyl)enolether von Aldehyden 1 und nichtcyclischen bzw. cyclischen Ketonen 4 bzw. 10 lassen sich mit Malonyldichlorid bei Raumtemperatur bzw. bereits bei −60°C acylieren. Hierbei entstehenExpand
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Influence of polar groups in thermal and Lewis acid promoted asymmetric diels-alder additions: lactic acid derivatives as practical highly selective and configurationally dichotomic reagents
Abstract Diels-Alder reactions of the acrylate of (S)-ethyl lactate with cyclopentadiene proceed with diastereoface-selectivity of up to 85:15 (non-catalyzed) and 93:7 (TiCl 4 -promoted). DependingExpand
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Novel sulfonated poly(arylene ether benzimidazole) Cardo proton conducting membranes for PEMFC
Abstract A novel proton conducting poly(arylene ether benzimidazole), poly[(1-(3,3′-phthalido- p -phenylene)-5-oxybenzimidazole)-benzimidazole] (PBI-OPh) has been prepared by direct sulfonation inExpand
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The effect of ball milling and wet blending on the creep behaviour of a particle reinforced 2124 Al-alloy
Abstract The creep behaviour of an AW2124 Al-alloy unreinforced and reinforced with 25 vol.% of SiC particles of different sizes is investigated. The materials were produced via powder metallurgyExpand
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