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Monophyly of Kelloggia Torrey ex Benth. (Rubiaceae) and evolution of its intercontinental disjunction between western North America and eastern Asia.
Kelloggia Torrey ex Bentham (Rubiaceae) consists of two species disjunctly distributed in western North America (K. galioides Torrey) and the western part of eastern Asia (K. chinensis Franch.). TheExpand
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Indofevillea Jiroi (Cucurbitaceae), a New Floral Oil Producing Species from Northeastern Myanmar
Abstract. A new species of Indofevillea, based on a single male individual discovered in 2001 in Kachin State, northeastern Myanmar, is described. It differs from the only other species in theExpand
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The Chinese Species of Camellia in Cultivation
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Digital Optical Processing
An optical processor which performs binary arithmetic operations can combine the parallel processing capacity of optical systems with the accuracy and programmability inherent to digital processors. Expand
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Metasequoia glyptostroboides-Its Status in Central China in 1980
After the success of the Communist revolution in 1949, China closed its boundaries to Westerners, ending collaboration between Chinese and American botanists until the 1970s. With the invitation inExpand
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Botanical Impressions of the People ’ s Republic of China
Society of America. Members of the delegation had been selected from applications, and had various interests and specialties: physioology, agriculture, marine biology, paleobotany, morphology,Expand
What Beginning Teachers Need to Know about Grading.
Meetings like those of the Conference on English Education, journals like English Education, textbooks designed for English methods courses, and the methods classes themselves frequently addressExpand
Trifascicular block (TFB) is rare in newborn infants. Unlike congenital complete heart block, TFB has not been previously reported in infants of mothers with lupus erythematosus. We report a newbornExpand
Linear and Rotational Quartz Fiber Accelerometers for Geophysical and Inertial Use
Theme T quartz fiber accelerometers are being developed for geophysical and inertial use. Prototype models of the vertical and horizontal instruments exist and are undergoing tests. A rotation sensorExpand
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