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The Women's Awakening in Egypt: Culture, Society, and the Press
Between 1892 and 1920 nearly thirty Arabic periodicals by, for, and about women were produced in Egypt for circulation throughout the Arab world. This flourishing women's press provided a forum forExpand
Women, honour, and the state: Evidence from Egypt
Activists in the Middle East and beyond have in the past decade stepped up their organizing against 'crimes of honour' or 'honour killings'.' These killings occur throughout the region among diverseExpand
Unveiling in early twentieth century Egypt: practical and symbolic considerations
Proclaiming itself 'the mouthpiece of women', the newspaper al-'Afaf began publication in Cairo in 1910. It declared itself dedicated to improving women's condition by encouraging morality andExpand
Women in Middle Eastern history: Shifting boundaries in sex and gender
Chapter 1. Introduction: Deciphering Middle Eastern Women's History Chapter 2. Organisation of the Volume Chapter 3. Islam and Patriarchy THE FIRST ISLAMIC CENTURIES (Chapters 4-6) THE MAMLUK PERIODExpand
The Origins of Family Planning: Aziza Hussein, American Experts, and the Egyptian State
This article looks at the origins of the family planning program in Egypt as a case study in the history of relations between the emerging community of international donors, state officials, andExpand
The Orphan Scandal: Christian Missionaries and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood
a fifteen-year-old Muslim orphan girl refused to rise in a show of respect for her elders at her Christian missionary school in Port Said. Her intransigence led to a beating—and to the end of mostExpand
Orphans And Abandoned Children In Modern Egypt
This chapter sketches a history of institutions established in Egypt to house and aid orphans and abandoned children in an attempt to get at those children who were, for a variety of reasons, excluded from the family, and see how society and the state dealt with what Bargach calls the "surfeit of bodies". Expand
Egypt as a Woman