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Widespread fluid expulsion along the seafloor of the Costa Rica convergent margin
Active fluid and gas transport were measured and observed along more than 200 km of the convergent margin of Costa Rica during cruise SO144-2 aboard RV Sonne. Ten profiles were run with the TV-sledExpand
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Opening geometry of the Kurile Basin (Okhotsk Sea) as inferred from structural data
The Kurile Basin in the Okhotsk Sea, northwestern Pacific, is a back-arc basin located behind the Kurile Island Arc. It is underlain by oceanic crust and its origin has been attributed to back-arcExpand
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Hydrate-bearing structures in the Sea of Okhotsk
Gas hydrates are natural gas reservoirs in ice-like crystalline solids, and are stable in pore spaces of submarine sediments in water depths greater than about 300–500 m. They have been recovered inExpand
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Structural and geological characteristics of a “seismic gap” in the central part of the Kuril Island Arc
The results of the cruise of R/V Akademik M.A. Lavrentiev conducted by the Pacific Institute of Oceanology, Far East Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Shirshov Institute ofExpand
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Collisional processes at the junction of the Aleutian-Kamchatka arcs: new evidence from fission track analysis and field observations
(DeMetset al., 1990). Kamchatka and theAleutian Island Arc join nearly at aright angle off the Cape Kamchatkapeninsula (Fig. 1). North of the junc-tion no subduction occurs. As a con-sequence of theExpand
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Bottom current-controlled sedimentation and mass wasting in the northwestern Sea of Okhotsk
Abstract Quaternary sedimentation in the northwestern Sea of Okhotsk, where tidal and thermohaline currents are active, was studied using 8443 km of high-resolution air gun profiles from fourExpand
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Evidence for compressionally induced high subsidence rates in the Kurile Basin (Okhotsk Sea)
A combined volcanological, geochemical, paleo-oceanological, geochronological and geophysical study was undertaken on the Kurile Basin, in order to constrain the origin and evolution of this basin.Expand
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