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Basic RNases of wild almond (Prunus webbii): cloning and characterization of six new S-RNase and one "non-S RNase" genes.
In order to investigate the S-RNase allele structure of a Prunus webbii population from the Montenegrin region of the Balkans, we analyzed 10 Prunus webbii accessions. We detected 10 differentExpand
Identification of new S-RNase self-incompatibility alleles and characterization of natural mutations in Iranian almond cultivars
The two main objectives of this research were to identify new S-RNase alleles in Iranian almond cultivars and to characterize naturally occurring mutations in these alleles that may causeExpand
Positioning Europe for the EPITRANSCRIPTOMICS challenge
ABSTRACT The genetic alphabet consists of the four letters: C, A, G, and T in DNA and C,A,G, and U in RNA. Triplets of these four letters jointly encode 20 different amino acids out of which proteinsExpand
Fertile transgenic Lotus corniculatus resistant to the non-selective herbicide phosphinothricin
Resistance to the non-selective herbicide dl-phosphinothricin (PPT) was introduced into commercial Lotus corniculatus cv. Bokor by co-cultivation of cotyledons with Agrobacterium tumefaciens AGL1Expand
A Simple and Efficient DNA Isolation Method for Salvia officinalis
We report an efficient, simple, and cost-effective protocol for the isolation of genomic DNA from an aromatic medicinal plant, common sage (Salvia officinalis L.). Our modification of the standardExpand
Molecular tools for utilization of mitochondrial diversity in faba bean (Vicia faba)
We performed in silico PCR analyses utilizing complete mitochondrial (mtDNA) genome sequences of faba bean (Vicia faba) and two related species, Vigna angularis and Vigna radiata, currentlyExpand
A rapid and cost-effective procedure for delineation and utilization of genomic microsatellites for paralleled genotyping in Vicia faba
Aleksic J.M., Banovic B., Miljus-Đukic J., Jovanovic Ž., Mikic A., Cupina B., Zlatkovic B., Anđelkovic S., Spanu I., Jelic M., Maksimovic V. (2015): A rapid and cost-effective procedure forExpand
A search of Brassica SI-involved orthologs in buckwheat leads to novel buckwheat sequence identification: MLPK possibly involved in SI response
Self-incompatibility (SI) systems, gamethophytic (GSI) and sporophytic (SSI), prevent self-pollination in angiosperms. Buckwheat displays heteromorphic SSI, with pollination allowed only betweenExpand