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Low Serum Cartonectin/CTRP3 Concentrations in Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: In Vivo Regulation of Cartonectin by Glucose
Cartonectin may serve as a novel biomarker for the prediction and early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and may represent a new therapeutic field in the treatment of T2DM patients. Expand
Relationship between Anxiety and Burnout among Chinese Physicians: A Moderated Mediation Model
Investigation of the complex relationships among coping styles, personality, burnout, and anxiety using a moderated mediation analysis showed that positive and negative coping styles partially mediated the association between burnout and anxiety symptoms in physicians. Expand
The Role of Family Environment in Depressive Symptoms among University Students: A Large Sample Survey in China
Findings underline the significance of the family environment as a source of risk factors for depression among university students in China and suggest that family-based interventions and improvement are very important to reduce depression amongUniversity students. Expand
Circulating C1q complement/TNF-related protein (CTRP) 1, CTRP9, CTRP12 and CTRP13 concentrations in Type 2 diabetes mellitus: In vivo regulation by glucose
The data supports CTRP1 and CTRP12 as potential novel biomarkers for the prediction and early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus and suggests pharmacological agents that target CTRP 1 and CTRp12 could represent a new strategy in the treatment of T2DM. Expand
Serial multiple mediation of organizational commitment and job burnout in the relationship between psychological capital and anxiety in Chinese female nurses: A cross-sectional questionnaire survey.
Investigating the serial-multiple mediation of psychological capital, organizational commitment, job burnout, and anxiety among Chinese female nurses showed that positive PsyCap was sequentially associated with increased organizational commitment first, and then decreased job burn out, which was in turn related to reduced symptoms of anxiety among female nurses. Expand
Interaction of estrogen receptor β and negative life events in susceptibility to major depressive disorder in a Chinese Han female population.
This study is the first to report an effect modification between negative life events and ESR2 variations in female MDD patients, and may modify the interaction between negativelife events and MDD in the Chinese Han menopausal females. Expand
GNB3 and CREB1 gene polymorphisms combined with negative life events increase susceptibility to major depression in a Chinese Han population
This study investigated the interaction of variations in the G-protein beta 3 subunit (GNB3) and cAMP response element binding protein 1 (CREB1) genes with negative life events in the pathogenesis of MD to provide evidence about the role of the environment in genetic vulnerability to MD. Expand
Identification of 38 novel loci for systemic lupus erythematosus and genetic heterogeneity between ancestral groups.
A genome-wide association study of Chinese populations is undertaken, increasing the sample size of Chinese population to the level of existing European studies, to reveal the genetic basis for disparities in SLE among ancestral groups. Expand
Effects of Chinese Herbal Medicines on the Risk of Overall Mortality, Readmission, and Reoperation in Hip Fracture Patients
Hip fracture is a major public health concern, with high incidence rates in the elderly worldwide. Hip fractures are associated with increased medical costs, patient dependency on families, andExpand
Protective effects and network analysis of natural compounds obtained from Radix dipsaci, Eucommiae cortex, and Rhizoma drynariae against RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis in vitro.
The clinically used CHMs, Radix dipsaci, Eucommiae cortex, and Rhizoma drynariae, and natural compounds obtained from them may suppress RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis in vitro. Expand