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Gene deletions in an infertile man with sperm fibrous sheath dysplasia.
BACKGROUND Asthenozoospermia may sometimes be related to genetic structural defects of the sperm tail detectable by transmission electron microscopy. Dysplasia of the fibrous sheath (DFS) is aExpand
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HIV-particles in spermatozoa of patients with AIDS and their transfer into the oocyte
By immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization at the electron microscopy level, and by the PCR technique, we have shown that HIV-1 binds and enters normal sperm; that viral particles, theirExpand
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The biology of the sperm cell.
In what case do you like reading so much? What about the type of the biology of the sperm cell book? The needs to read? Well, everybody has their own reason why should read some books. Mostly, itExpand
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Structure and function in the spermatozoon of Tenebrio molitor (the spermatozoon of Arthropoda. XX).
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Live and reactivated motility in the 9+0 flagellum of Anguilla sperm.
The sperm flagella of the eel, Anguilla anguilla, are capable of vigorous motion in spite of having an axoneme with reduced structure that lacks the outer dynein arms, radial spokes and spoke heads,Expand
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Morphogenesis of the decapitated and decaudated sperm defect in two brothers.
The "decapitated sperm" defect, found in both of two sterile brothers, may be assumed to have a genetic origin. The present material suggests that the term "decapitated spermatozoa" is not exact,Expand
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Sperm head's birefringence: a new criterion for sperm selection.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the characteristics of birefringence in human sperm heads and apply polarization microscopy for sperm selection at intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). DESIGNExpand
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Spermatozoa and relationships in palaeognath birds
Summary— In this paper the authors describe the ultrastructure of the mature spermatozoon and the spermatid in Struthio camelus and Dromaius novaehollandiae. The first species is characterized by aExpand
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In this work the spermatozoon of Chloeon dipteron (Ephemeroptera) is examined. The three most important features are that (a) the acrosome is very brief; (b) the mitochondrial derivative isExpand
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The morphogenesis of vertebrate perforatorium.
The perforatorium morphogenesis in birds and mammals spermatid evolution is described. In all cases studied by us, the perforatorium morphogenesis begins with an assembly of actin, demonstrated byExpand
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