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New Comparative Study Between DES, 3DES and AES within Nine Factors
With the rapid development of various multimedia technologies, more and more multimedia data are generated and transmitted in the medical, also the internet allows for wide distribution of digitalExpand
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Overview: Main Fundamentals for Steganography
The rapid development of multimedia and internet allows for wide distribution of digital media data. It becomes much easier to edit, modify and duplicate digital information .Besides that, digitalExpand
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The landscape of research on smartphone medical apps: Coherent taxonomy, motivations, open challenges and recommendations
OBJECTIVE To survey researchers' efforts in response to the new and disruptive technology of smartphone medical apps, mapping the research landscape form the literature into a coherent taxonomy, andExpand
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A review of smart home applications based on Internet of Things
The new and disruptive technology of smart home applications (hereafter referred to as apps) based on Internet of Things (IoT) is largely limited and scattered. To provide valuable insights intoExpand
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Enhancing selective encryption for H.264/AVC using advanced encryption standard
Video encryption algorithms have becomes an important field of research nowadays. As an increasing rate of applying video is getting high, the security of video data becomes more important. A digitalExpand
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A novel embedding method to increase capacity and robustness of low-bit encoding audio steganography technique using noise gate software logic algorithm
In this study, we developed a novel method that is able to shift the limit for transparent data hiding in audio from the fourth LSB layer to the eighth LSB layer, thus the method has improved theExpand
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Securing peer-to-peer mobile communications using public key cryptography: New security strategy
Mobile phones are considered to be the most common communication devices in history.  Recently, mobile phones are not only used for casual greetings but also, sending and receiving important dataExpand
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Impact of spam advertisement through e-mail: A study to assess the influence of the anti-spam on the e-mail marketing
Several companies suffered from considering their e-mail advertisements as a spam. While others advertising those companies by employing spam technique to advertize the products, which makes anExpand
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High Rate Video Streaming Steganography
Steganography is the idea of hiding private or sensitive data or information within something that appears to be nothing out of the ordinary.In this paper we will overview the use of data hidingExpand
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