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Water Quality Index and Status of Minichinda Stream, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
The water quality index and status of Minichinda stream Port Harcourt was studied between July 2006 and June 2007. Minichinda stream is one major stream that receives wastes from anthropogenicExpand
Microbiological Characteristics of Water and Seafood (Oyster Tissue) from Trans-Amadiwoji Creek, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Abstract Trans-Amadi/Woji creek receives heavy influx of organic and inorganic matter from the surroundings which are all products of anthropogenic activities going on in the area. Assessment ofExpand
Assessment of Metal Concentrations in Water from the Downstream Segment of New Calabar River, Port Harcourt Segment of New Calabar River, Port Harcourt
The downstream segment of the New Calabar River, Port Harcourt has been a major source of water and sea foods for the inhabitants. The concentration of heavy and trace metals such as Cadmium (Cd),Expand
Comparative evaluation of bioaccumulation of heavy metals in plankton and water from Elechi Creek, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Bioaccumulation of heavy metals (cadmium, Cd; chromium,Cr; lead, Pb; copper, Cu) in plankton and water from Elechi creek were studied for twelve months. Plankton and water samples collected usingExpand
Seasonal abundance of epipelic algae and sediment parameters of Amadi-Ama Creek, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Amadi-Ama creek is located close to sources of wastes which are introduced into the creek thus altering the physico-chemical parameters and the aquatic biota of the creek due to variation in nutrientExpand
Geoenvironmental Evaluation and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Sediment, Minichinda Stream, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
The pollution status and risk assessment of the heavy metals in the sediment from Minichinda stream, Port Harcourt were studied. Sediment samples collected for twelve Months from four stations wereExpand
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contamination in water, sediments and aquatic life of Nigerian inland and coastal waters
formed during incomplete combustions of organic substances but few to be mention such as cigarettes, coal etc. They are usually found as a mixture containing two or more compounds such as soot. TheExpand
Human and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Water and Sediment of Elechi Creek , Port Harcourt , Nigeria .
Heavy metal pollution has been considered to be an ecological threat to man and other organisms especially when found in organs above the threshed concentrations. Elechi creek is a major source ofExpand