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Lenin in Allah’s court: Iqbal’s critique of Western capitalism and the opening up of the postcolonial imagination in critical management studies
One manifestation of the Eurocentrism present in postcolonial critical management studies is its failure to engage with Muslim critiques of Western capitalism on their own terms. In this article weExpand
A framework for evolutionary algorithms based on Charles Sanders Peirce's evolutionary semiotics
A novel framework and consequently a simple algorithm based on Peirce's theory of evolution is provided, and it is tested extensively against a benchmark set of mathematical problems of varying dimensions and complexity to strengthen the viability of Schwefel-Peirce hypothesis for EC. Expand
From “Religion and Science” to “Kalam and Science”
:  While there is very little material in the Muslim world dealing directly with the topic of “theology and science”, one can still discuss the topic fruitfully. Beginning with the vibrant discussionExpand
Disenchanting Disenchantment: Bridging the Science/Religion Dichotomy
Having looked at the “what?” and the “how?” of scientific inquiry, the discussion now turns to the “why?”; more specifically to “why does a scientist undertake a scientific investigation of culture?”Expand
Evolutionary Algorithms based on non-Darwinian theories of evolution
The present paper highlights the differences between Darwinian and Peircian evolutionary theories and provides the theoretical foundation for developing a novel Peirce based Evolutionary Algorithm. Expand
The Qur’anic Self, The Biblical Other and the Contemporary Islam-West Encounter
The fact that Islam is facing a particularly difficult challenge in its sociocultural encounter with the modern West is attentively detailed by Abdal Hakim Murad in his essay titled “Faith in theExpand