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La fête de Taunbyon : le grand rituel du culte des naq de Birmanie (Myanmar)
The Taunbyon Festival: the Central Rituals of the Naq Cult in Burma by Benedicte Brac de la Perriere The article describes and analyses the yearly naq festival held during the month of August in theExpand
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[BD]From Weikzahood to Mediumship: How to Master the World in Contemporary Burma
In this paper, I bring into focus the biography of a Burmese ritual specialist who combines in her practice different spiritual resources in order to master her changing world. By analysing the wayExpand
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Spirit Possession: An Autonomous Field of Practice in the Burmese Buddhist Culture
The cult of the Thirty-Seven Lords is distinctively known for its practices of spirit possession although possession by spiritual agents may be found in other domains of Burmese Buddhist culture.Expand
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About Buddhist Burma: Thathana , or ‘Religion’ as Social Space
Benedicte Brac de la Perriere brings a fresh perspective on the semantics of the word thathana (from Pali sāsana), which lies at the basis of Burmese conceptualizations of ‘religion’ as social space,Expand
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Guillaume Rozenberg, Les Immortels. Visages de l'incroyable en Birmanie bouddhiste. Vannes, Éditions. Sully 2010
156-98 Les Immortels se veulent un ouvrage singulier. Dans son « Avis au lecteur », l' auteur, Guillaume Rozenberg, jeune ethnologue specialiste du bouddhisme birman, previent que « le lecteur estExpand
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Daniela Berti, La Parole des dieux. Rituels de possession en Himalaya indien
Dans cet ouvrage, Daniela Berti propose une analyse de la possession dans une region du nord de l’Inde, la vallee de Kullu, ou elle est fortement institutionnalisee, au point que dans certainsExpand
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An overview of the field of religion in Burmese studies (Power, authority, and contested hegemony in Burmese-Myanmar Religion)
This overview looks at the field of religion in Burmese studies from the perspective of practices that are relatively neglected, such as spirit cults. It argues that the overwhelming bias towardExpand
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